Best paying Highroller slots with 25€ per spin and an RTP of 97% and higher

When it comes to high roller slots, you want to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Return to player percentages are important if you are concerned about making the most out of the money you are staking as this gives you a solid idea of what sort of return on your stakes you can expect to earn.

Obviously the higher the RTP value, the better your returns will be in the long run when short term variance has been removed from the equation.

Here are three of the bets paying high roller slots with 25€ per spin and and RTP of 97% and higher:

Cash Stax

Casinos it can be played at: Videoslots, bitStarz and SlotsMillion

This game is developed by Barcrest and this can be quickly identified thanks to the unique gameplay and design that their games have. It has an arcade type feel to it and with this game in particular the symbols are large and clear. It has a couple of unique bonus features and it is a slot with 5 reels and 10 fixed pay lines alongside 3 rows. The large symbols and bright colours really stand out.

It is a straightforward game to understand as there are only three symbols to deal with. There are free spin bonuseswhen you get a golden circle scatter as well as the Big Bet Game whereby you can play this side game to increase your stake in order to play on a reel set that has 30 pay lines so you have the chance to earn bigger rewards.

Creativity and quality has been combined nicely for this game and thanks to the Big Bet game, the RTP is an enticing 98.14%.

Sugar Pop Plus

Casinos it can be played at: Videoslots, SlotsMillion, LeoVegas Casino and 888 Casino

This is one of those games that people will usually either love it or hate it. The theme is very pink and purely and will be a distinctive style that is somewhat similar to that found with games like Candy Crush.

Fans of more traditional types of slots games may not enjoy this particular game at all so it may be best to steer clear. It is hard to tell whether this game has zero pay lines or hundreds as they randomly burst to life when you least expect them to.

This slot has extremely low variance and the RTP of 97.6% shows that this will be a steady race rather than one filled with peaks and valleys. While you won’t win huge amounts of cash in any single go, you have the chance of winning consistently in time.

Lotto Madness

Casinos it can be played at: Videoslots, SlotsMillion, LeoVegas Casino and 888 Casino

Lotto Madness is a slot that has captured the attention of players on both mobile and desktop versions despite the two different versions being slightly different.

The return to player value is slightly higher on the online version compared to the mobile, being 97.06% versus 96.16%, something which can make a significant difference to your experience over time.

The lotto theme is one that has become a bit jaded over time with it being used for many years so you may enjoy some more creative games that Playtech has to offer, but if you are a high roller and like more traditional forms of gameplay, this is the choice for you.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Best Yggdrasil Slots for High rollers with 25€ or more per spin

Yggdrasil is an online slots developer that first started their operations in 2020 and they have been growing from strength to strength ever since. Many enthusiasts of video slots have become enamoured with the games produced by the Malta based developer. They cater for a wide variety of markets and their games are used by some of the biggest names in the business.

You may have questions relating to the name of the company as it comes across as a bit unusual to say the least. They are named after what was a massive tree in Norse mythology which was a place that each and every day the gods would visit in order to organise themselves. This tree had the aim effectively of bringing great things to the people of the world which this gaming developer is also trying to do.

You will be quick to discover that they don’t pump out dozens upon dozens of titles per year, relative other developers they come out with few titles. As they are a young company, they tend to take their time with things and ensure that their games are spot on rather than trying to quickly push out games that are not up to scratch.

They want to go very deep and explore when it comes to features and graphics so their games will stand out from the crowd.

Unique features of the games developed by Yggdrasil

You will see that each of their games provide something new and different to the last one. The things they all have in common are the breath-taking graphics and enjoyable gaming experiences.

Games arenthanks to the rafts of different features that have been implemented, allowing you to enjoy your favourite games gain and again.

A lot of their games do appear to have a high variance between losing and winning which is something to keep note of but once the return to player values are up to scratch, there isn’t too much to worry about on this front.

The casinos that offer games developed from Yggdrasil are amongst an elite bunch and they all come with a high regard. While they don’t have as many games available as other heavy hitters in the industry, as they are a relatively new developers they are only going to take things from strength to strength in the coming years.

Yggdrasil and their high roller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

Yggdrasil have a number of high roller slots selections with 25€ or more per spin that you can decide to play.


Fruitoids is a game that just keeps on delivering. It is the best of the best when it comes to online slots. You will be singing along to the catchy music and the amazing looking animations will leave you begging for more.

It feels like you are in outer space and the interesting fruits that are involved in the game contains the colours of the rainbow and are the keys to delivering you great success.

For sure there are cool features galore like all Yggdrasil games that are waiting for you to explore.


This is the very first video slot title that the team produced and it was an instant success after being launched. Across the board it is just a great game with amazing animations and a smooth playing experience.

The carnival theme is something different and the crazy lighting effects are unique. While it will remind you of classic fruity games, it is one of the more advanced video slots games out there on the market today as it brings together the whole package of great features and playing experience.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Best Quickspin Slots for High rollers with 25€ or more per spin

Quickspin has a great reputation cross the world for being one of the elite creators of video slots. They are always pressing the button when it comes to innovation and they constantly test the boundaries of what is possible with their latest games. They ensure that their titles are of a high quality and they focus on making the games enjoyable for those who are playing them.

They originally started as a Swedish based company and they produce games for both the online gambling industry and the free top play social side of things. They have a strategy in places that focuses on their customers rather than just profit. The games they have should be played and this is why they have achieved the level of success that they have so far to date.

Every year since they first launched the have gone from strength to strength with the size of their customer base. They have created some of the best video slots games that have ever been seen. This is largely thanks to the many years of experience that their team has had when it comes to the online gaming industry and their management take the creation of slots games very seriously.

Unique features of the games developed by Quickspin

The aim of the development team at Quickspin is to create titles that focus on quality over quantity. In comparison to other big players in the industry, you will not see rafts of titles being pushed out from the team at Quickspin. They know that not each player wants to play hundreds or thousands of different slots, rather people tend to play the ones they like again and again over the long run.

Each game that the team at Quickspin release, the aim is that is becomes the player’s favourite title out of them all.

Quickspin and their high roller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

Quickspin have a number high roller slots selections with 25€ or more per spin that you can decide to play. Here are a couple of them:

Treasure Island

This title is based on a premise that most people will be well aware of and is one of the most played online slots in the world today. There are many different features that make up this game so it may be bit of a reach to get used to for total beginners to the world of online slots.

It has been beautifully designed and it is flawless to play. One of the drawback is to the pay-out structure is that the limits of the multipliers are quiet low, even if they come around often enough. This is where the features come in as they keep you entertained while making small wins and losses.

Wild Chase

This game is based on street racing around the amazing city that is Monaco. For those living the high life, this is their destination and luxury cars galore are to be found here.

It has a great theme, good music and you will be delighted bythe constant action through your session. This gives something back to you when compared with the smaller pay-outs, rarely getting multipliers that are greater than x50. It is a good option for players who are more on the beginner side of things.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Best Nextgen Slots for High rollers with 25€ or more per spin

Nextgen Gaming is another leading online slots games software developer that has a great reputation in the industry. Over the years their employees have built up a massive bank of knowledge in this field and they understand what exactly the player wants and needs from an online game.

By enforcing high standards on themselves, they are constantly pushing the envelope on what is achievable and this has been the guiding principle that has served them so well to date.

Amongst online game developers, they are one of the oldest having been around since 1999 and have offices in different locations across the world.

Contrary to what other game developers doin this field, they focus more on B2B which means that they develop games and distribute them under the flags of other developers rather than supplying the market directly.

As they have deep engineering and software departments in the business they bring a bit more diversification to the table.

Unique features of the games developed by Nextgen

There are many cool and exciting features that are to be found in the games that are developed by the team at Nextgen. They incorporate different types of features such as Up Wilds, Dynareel and slide a wilds.

A lot of their games cam as the best in 3D graphics coupled with amazing animations that add to the overall playing experience. The sounds and beats are usually perfectly selected to match the tempo of the game at hand that you are playing.

Nextgen provide games for some of the leading online casinos and bookmakers in the world, such as 888 Casino, Betfair and Bet365.

The focus is always placed on making games that are of the upmost quality and cater for all of the needs and wants that a customer may have. As their titles can adapt easily to many different platforms no matter if it desktop or mobileor even land based, there will be a consistent level of quality kept across the board.

They are constantly looking and analysing different markets and seeing what features their players do and do not like. By constantly engaging with the player base they are ongoing change and improve their titles.

Nextgen and their high roller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

Nextgen have nine high roller slots selections with 25€ or more per spin that you can decide to play. They are Jacks Beanstalk, Titan Storm, Cash Stampede, Gorilla Go Wild, Medusa 2, Miss Midas, Judge Dredd, Doubleplay Super Bet and Psycho.

Jacks Beanstalk

Based on a famous fairy-tale, this is one of the most popular slots games on the market today. They have incorporated a couple of amazing features into the gameplay which leads to significant bonuses and this is coupled with the top quality graphics.

The five reel slot is based in the clouds and there are 25 fixed pay lines.

The golden egg bonus feature occurs when you get 3 of the golden egg scatter symbols which will; then lead you to a side game which will multiply your winnings up to a possible x2500 of your bet.

The upwild feature is very creative and it occurs when you get one or more of the magic beans on the reels. This will give you a total of three free spins one each of the reels where you got a magic bean.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Best Amaya Slots for High rollers with 25€ or more per spin

Amaya Gaming has a good reputation across the world as being both a flexible and a very secure software developer. They are based in Canada and they did a lot of acquisitions in recent years of smaller software developers so as to bolster the level of expertise and originality they have when it comes to their developments.

They are now one of the biggest software developers in the industry today and their range of products is vast, catering for all sorts of casino and slots games.

They are the leading software provider for more than 300 gaming operators right across the world and a number of their games are found in the top of the popularity rankings on a consistent basis.

Unique features of the games developed by Amaya

Their software is very impressive and this will be evident after only a short time of playing some of their titles. The graphics are stunning and the quality of the sound and animations adds to the overall playing experience. No software needs to be downloaded onto your device if you do not want to as most of the games can be played through a web browser.

Their games often pay a lot of attention to featuresand they leave no stone unturned when it comes to achieving the high standards that they have set out for themselves.

They even cater for a stunning range of languages, 24 in total. Their software is highly encrypted so the games will protect your funds and ensure that nothing non ideal happens to your hard earned funds.

Amaya and their high roller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

Amaya have two high roller slots selections with 25€ or more per spin that you can decide to play. They are Shogun Showdown and Cool Bananas

We will now take bit of a closer look at these two titles.

Shogun Showdown

In case you are not familiar with the meaning of the word shogun, it refers to rules of regions in Japan in the distant past, ruling the regions on behalf of the overall emperor.

This game utilises a number of different types of shogun characters in the 5 reel and 50 pay line game. The wilds are cool animations. Some of the key features of the game are the free spins on offer and the bonus game that can be played. If you manage to land a specific character on the same real a certain number of times, you can play the bonus game that could pay off lucratively.

We can consider it a good concept for a game and the bonus games are somewhat original.

Cool Bananas

Monkeys love bananas and they will go to extreme lengths a lot of the time to get them. The premise of this game is that there are a number of cool looking monkeys that are travelling around a city on the hunt for bananas. While it may seem like bit of a random idea, it is actually a very entertaining game to play. You can also win big when the reels align for you.

It is a novel game that stands out a bit from the rest and is also highly entertaining to play.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Best Playtech Slots for Highrollers with 25€ or more per spin

Playtech is one of the giants in the industry of online slots developers and they have been around the block since they first started up their operations back in 1999. They have a strong focus on making games that are of a high quality and they make sure the games are updated with evolutions in the world of technology and online gaming rather than remaining stale and stagnant.

They are one of the best choices around for online casinos when looking for developers to expand on the offering of games that they provide on their platform. As they are trusted worldwide and have a strong reputation, as well as having software that enhances the overall gaming experience, they are an easy choice.

They have more than 5,000 employees in a total of 13 countries currently, all of which have a focus on making the customer experience as best as it possibly can be

Having been in the industry for so long and having a team that having a deep level of understanding of what their goals are as a company, they are only going to go from strength to strength.

Unique features of the games developed by Playtech

Playtech has been a company that has not been left behind as they have kept up to date with all of the evolutions that have occurred in the online gaming industry in the past few years. The playing experience is always evolving and software developers need to be able to gauge these variables in real time and adapt at a fast rhythm either they risk being left behind.

They have a system that is cross platform which is extremely fast and effective no matter what sort of device you are using to play the games. If you had the desire, you could even play a total of 5 different games at the same time.

They also have options for you to play multiplayer, auto-play and even private play. Over the years they have won numerous awards for their efforts.

Playtech and their highroller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

Playtech have two highroller slots selections with 25€ or more per spin thatyou can decide to play. They are Lotto Madness and Bermuda Triangle.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Best Microgaming Slots for Highrollers with 25€ or more per spin

As one of the longest serving developers in the world of online slots, Microgaming has been at the echelon of this industry for many years now. They have a great reputation among casinos and players alike and they started way back in 1994 after they launched with the moniker of being the very first online casino called the Gaming Club.

From the start is was powered by Microgaming software and still is today. They now cater for more than 70 different online casinos with their software.

They have all sorts of records held for things like the largest progressive jackpots that have ever been won having paid out more than $1 million on numerous occasions. Unlike some of their counterparts who would drag out payment for these large sums, Microgaming fulfilled their obligations fully immediately.

After the United States banned online gambling back in 2008 Microgaming suffered a significant dip in their revenues but this just helped them to adapt. They have a range of games that numbers the hundreds and they all have sound and graphics that are of an upmost quality.

They even possess licenses with some of the biggest names in popular industry such as Batman and Lord of the Rings.

What are the key features of Microgaming’s slots?

They offer some of the best payout percentages of any gaming developer out there today. Having been vetted independently by trusted auditors, they were shown to have an average payout of 97.48% which is one of the best in the business.

These are higher returns than you would find if you were dealing with a land based casino.

This of course depends on a game by game basis as some will have rules and payouts that different from these averages, some for better, some for worse.

Microgaming and their highroller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

Microgaming have a wide range of different slots that flal into this category, including; Ariana, Fortune Cookies, Mystique Grove, SunQuest, Surf Safari, Totem Treasure, Victorian Villain, Winning Wizard, Cosmic Invaders, Gung Pow, Lucky Firecrackers, Magic Charms, Golden Dragon, Jackpot Express, Fruit, 7 Oceans, Mardi Gras.

We will look at a couple of the standout games for this selection a bit closer.

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookies is a classic game from Microgaming that a lot of people will be familiar with. It is basic and does not have many airs or graces which are why a lot of old school players enjoy playing it.

Sometimes less is more in the world of online slots as developers try to integrate too many features into a game and end up ruining the playing experience. So if you are a fan of more classical games that you get what you see, this is the choice for you.

Winning Wizards

Winning Wizards is a five reel game that attempts to place a spell on you with the mesmerising gameplay. It has a great design and gameplay features with the two-way pay lines going backwards and forwards.

As there are not too many complicated gameplay mechanics to grasp, it is a great game for beginners to try out. The lack of bonus feature sis made up for by the fact that what you see is what you get with this game.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Best NetEnt Slots for Highrollers with 25€ or more per spin

NetEnt has long been one of the leading game developers in the industry. They have been in the game since the very beginning having set up shop back in 1996 under the umbrella of one of Scandinavia’s leading offline casino groups.

They have always pushed to create as authentic of an experience as possible for players through the use of detailed graphics and gameplay elements.

Their games therefore are known to always be of a high quality. While in terms of reach NetEnt may be slightly behind the likes of Microgaming and Playtech, their users most certainly see them as being the premier developer on the market today.

Why NetEnt have long been a leader in the market

As they have been around for so long, they have been able to adapt to changing player trends and preferences. By keeping up to date with what their users need and want, they can carefully craft games that they will play again and again.

They usually have a good return to player percentage of slightly higher than 95% and this is a major selling point for online casinos that are in the hunt for a software developer.

They also have a great reputation for developing games that are of extremely high quality with rich graphics, innovative gameplay mechanics and realistic animations. More than 80 online casinos that are mainstream in the media use this NetEnt software, such as Mr Green Casino and Paddy Power Games.

They always beat to their own drum and steer clear having any similar features with their competitors as some do.

NetEnt and their highroller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

More experienced players like to place high stakes when they are playing the slots but unfortunately not many titles can cater for their needs. This is because the majority of games are catered for players making medium to small bets as opposed the larger stake sizes.

Certain software provider caters more for highroller stakes than others as each game is specifically designed with these parameters in mind.

In the case of NetEnt, they only have a single game that can cater for these sorts of high roller stake sizes and that game is the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Features

This game was made alongside the folks at Universal and it is a game that is 3 row, 5 reel and 20 line video slot that is packed to the gills with different features.

There are many free spins, re-spins and wild variations to be had through the gameplay. Wild symbols pop up randomly throughout the gameplay and are a substitute for any and all symbols expect for free spins and the target symbols.

The gameplay itself is based around the player attempting to rescue the girl called Kay. As soon as the target symbol shows up and the creature pops out, it gets shot.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Best IGT Slots for Highrollers with 25€ or more per spin

IGT is another one of the leading developers in the industry today and they have been at the forefront of man of your favourite games for a while now. They have been one of the main suppliers to offline casinos since the 1950s so if you have every played different slots at a real life casino before, the chances are high that one of them was powered by International Game Technology (IGT).

Some of the largest online casinos in the game utilise the IGT made games as part of their offerings to customers. They are one of only a handful of software developers that have a significant presence both online and offline with casinos. This means that they can bring their experience from both sides of the coin together in order to create a symbiotic and engaging experience for all of their users.

Unique features that IGT has on their platform

IGT are extremely fair when it comes to their game sand they have been independently verified and audited by a variety of different regulatory bodies.

The games that IGT develop are not so common as different developers may produce as the focus on quality not quantity in terms of the games they develop. They are usually deeper in terms of the features that they have and give players a better overall gaming experience.

One of the handiest aspects of their games that not many other developers have built in is the ability for you to change the graphics quality in case you don’t have great internet speeds which means you can still enjoy the game in a smooth and consistent manner.

IGT and their highroller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

IGT have a total of six highroller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin and they are: Day of the Dead, Cats, 100 Pandas, Pixies of the Forest, Fire Opals and the War of the Worlds.

Here are a couple of their featured highroller games:


One of the most popular genres of slots games are wildlife and animal related. It is somewhat of a crowded space but a few of the games gravitate towards the top of the popularity rankings like this one.

Cats is a game that is aesthetically amazing and has some great unique features such as allowing you to get wins up to large amounts, such as ten of a kind. The game is set in an amazing wildlife area and the variety of colours and graphics are top quality. When you win, there will be a graphic of a cat running that pops up.

Fire Opals

This game revolves round the transparent stones that are called fire opals. They are often used to represent love and the gameplay is based around finding as many of them as possible from the volcano.

There are a massive 720 different ways in which you can win while making the most of the multiway xtra format of reels.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020

Real Highroller Slots where you can bet 100€ or more per spin

Living the High Life with Highroller Slots

If you are not a complete beginner and you have a certain level of experience when it comes to online slots, then it is likely that you will be interested in playing some high roller slots.

As the experience levels increase of online gamblers, the stake size also generally tends to increase. It is very hard to play for smaller stakes when you have tasted what the higher amounts have to offer.

Generally highroller slots are classified as allowing you to bet amounts of at least 100€ per spin. Online casinos want to cater for a wide variety of audiences which is why not every slot game has the same offering.

Some are tailored towards beginners and they only have a very small bet size of maximum a few euros whereas others are more focused on high rollers that allow you to stake large sums.

Consider it a reason for why you should know the different casinos that cater the bets for your specific needs whether you are a beginner or a high roller. This is just like real world casinos where some of the games have high minimum staking values so they are not suited for the more casual of players.

It is often the high roller slot games that allow you to get involved with the progressive jackpots whereby there are millions of euros up for grabs for whoever is the lucky winner.

Slot Developers who cater for highroller slots the best

While there are a total of 11 developers that cater for highroller slots, some of them stand above the rest in terms of the amount of titles they offer.

Here is the list of those developers: Amatic, Amaya, Barcrest, Betsoft, Blueprint, Endorphina, IGT, NetEnt, Playson, Playtech and Saucify.

Here are the three best developers for highroller games:

Amatic: They have a total of 22 different tiles for you to choose from and these can be played at SlotsMagic and Karamba.

IGT: As one of the leading developers in the world of slots, IGT cater for highrollers with a total of four titles.

Playson: Playson are next one the list as they have three titles that are catered for highrollers.

Online Casinos who cater for highroller slots the best

As you have seen, there are only a couple of developers that place an emphasis in creating highroller slots. This means that you may want to focus on casinos that utilise these types of software. However some casinos do cater for games from many different developers so they are still options for you also.

In total there are 11 quality online casinos that have highroller titles available for their customers. They are: 888 Casino, VideoSlots, SlotsMillion, LeoVegas Casino, Spinson Casino, RoyalVegas Casino, Casumo, Karamba, RoyalPanda Casino, bitStarz and SlotsMagic.

Out of this list, two casinos stand out amongst the rest in terms of highroller slots:


The folks at SlotsMagic clearly care about highrollers as they have the widest selection of titles available for them. There are a whopping 28 highroller titles for you to choose from with this platform so if you are in the market for a range of high roller slots to play, don’t hesitate to sign up.


In a clear second place for catering to the needs of highrollers is SlotsMillion. They cater for 14 different titles from 7 different developers so you can get a nice taste for different types of games if you sign up for an account with SlotsMillion.

Latest update on: 4. December, 2020