High Paying IGT slots – with 97% and more RTP

Return to Player percentages or RTPs are important when it comes to making money over time with online slots. While a lot of people play these games purely for the enjoyment aspect of them, others like to make some decent cash while doing so.

The higher the RTP value is, the greater the chance of you winning will be. This value balances out the short term variance to give you an independently measured assessment of the RTP over the long run.

Therefore common sense dictates that you want to play games that have the highest RTP as possible. Obviously no game is going to have a RTP of 100% or else the house will not have an edge.

Any RTP higher than 98.5% is pretty unbelievable whereas the 98% range is superb. Anything around 94-95% is generally acceptable.

Therefore you should be more than happy with the couple of dozen slots that have an RTP of 98% as that is really the best that you can possibly expect to get or else the casinos will be bankrupt within days of launching a close to 100% RTP game.

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High Paying IGT slots – with 97% and more RTP

There is one IGT slots machine that fit into this category and it is: Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy

Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy

This is a slot machine that has been based on the famous television show that aired for many years and most people will be somewhat familiar with. It is sort of a mix between the game of hangman and a massive wheel of prizes that is spun by the contestants in order to win significant sums of cash.

The Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy game consists of 5 reels with 15 pay lies and 3 rows. The soundtrack and the design of the slot all gain inspiration from the schemes used by the television show.

In total you will find 7 different symbols of high value and more traditional symbols are used for the lower value symbols.

The game has a few different bonus features such as the Super Wild which gives you the choice of five different gold envelopes when the symbols show up on the third wheel. The envelopes once opened will give you a certain multiplier for your next wins.

There is a triple action bonus whereby you try your hand at the hangman section if the bonus symbol has been earned on one of the three reels. Every additional letter that you guess correctly means that your multiplier will be increased.

There is a gamble feature that is part of this game which allows you to pick either black or red in the spinning wheel.

Overall this slot is extremely entertaining and has a multitude of different cool features that will keep you playing this title again and again long into the future.

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2 thoughts on “High Paying IGT slots – with 97% and more RTP”

  1. Triple Action Frenzy’s 97% RTP is nice but I like this game for other things. Have played it recently and it is good with money. Anyways it’s a nice piece of content here. Having more games in list would have been great. Also the main topic of RTP should have been focused more than the game’s features.

  2. No to IGT technology always lost in it’s games
    famous cleopatra is worst game and da vinci diamonds was just okay
    bonus features in almost all of IGTs is difficult
    They are ready to activate when you have lose all of the credits.

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