Rival Gaming Slots RTPs – Highest Paying Slots

Rival Gaming Slots are certainly known to most players and they have been around for some time now. What Rival is missing is the one or other blockbuster slot machine that brings the breakthrough. There are just a lot of very good slot machines but none that stands out.

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RTPs of the top 20 highest paying Rival Slots

Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets98.95%
Rock on!98.00%
Reel Crime: Art Heist97.03%
Watch the Birdie96.29%
Wheel of Cash96.29%
Ten Suns96.2%
Reel of Fortune96.2%
As the Reels Turn 296.06%
Atomic Age96.00%
Ocen Treasure96.00%
Reel Party Platinum96.00%
Travel Bug96.00%
Jenny Nevada96.00%
Alien Spinvasion95.98%
Gold Rush95.94%
Secret Garden95.81%
Flea Market95.8%
Five Times Wins95.73%
Big Cash Win95.7%

The RTPs of Rival Gaming slot machines should be taken a closer look at. It’s definitely not as if you can just choose any rival slot machine and it is guaranteed to have a high RTP. There are 163 slot machines, on the other hand, and 14 of them pay over 96 percent. The rest is between 95 percent and 96 percent primarily. So the average is okay, but not outstanding.

98.95 percent with Cosmic Quest and 98 percent with Rock on are the top RTPs. These are very good values and if you can make friends with these two slot machines, you will not only enjoy a lot of fun, but above all a high payout.

While there are two slots with very high payouts, between 96 and 97 percent, there are only very very few. Few slots are at the 96% limit and most are accordingly below. It is therefore highly recommended to analyze the RTPs before playing. And here it is definitely worthwhile to pick a casino that is completely transparent in terms of RTPs and displays them in every description.

Where to play the highest paying Rival Gaming Slots 2021?

Right now, there’s only one casino we can recommend with all the Rival Gaming Slots you can ask for and this is 1xbet. Other casinos that also have Rival Slots in their portfolio are not offering nearly as much and often just a handful of slots – which is a pitty.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’. It is the theoretical value at which the casino should pay out to the players on a good day. It is calculated on a theoretical point value basis, rather than on the player’s actual winnings.

How do slots break down in terms of RTP?

It is important to remember that the RTP percentage is not the same as the return you will get when you win. You can win big with small stakes, or you can win little and pay big on big wins. Another way of putting it is that the slot RTP is higher than the house edge. For instance, if you play a game with an RTP of 95%, the edge of the house is 5%. With slot games, the house edge is usually around 4%, so the slot RTP is approximately 96%.

What is the average RTP for a game?

Average RTP is calculated over the last 1000 spins (which gives you a good estimation of how often you will win and on what frequency). However, this figure is usually only an average, and it is not a guarantee that you will win. For example, in a short game of dice, the average RTP might be 94%, however, it is possible that the dice had a low or high win and the gambler lost or won only 1 or 2 of the 4 rolls. An increase in difficulty of the game will also affect the RTP.

What is a measure of standard deviation of the RTP?

The standard deviation of the RTP is a measure of how likely is it that you will win more than 90% of your bets? This is a measure of how random the spins are, so if you can usually lose less than 10% of your bets, then the odds of winning will be significantly worse than 1 in a million.

What is frequency?

The frequency refers to the number of winning results that will be generated based on an average play of a set number of plays. This is a popular way of thinking about winning and losing. It makes sense because the more you play the odds get better.

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