RTPs of Slingo Originals Slots compared

Wheely Wheely Big Win95,94 %
Slingo Love Island95,33 %
Slingo Rainbow Riches95,00 %
Slingo Extreme95,00 %
Slingo Reveal95,00 %
Play of the Dead95,00 %
Bar X Colossal95,00 %
Dragons Gems95,00 %
Slingo Fortunes95,00 %
The Chase Slingo95,00 %
Slingo Deal or No Deal95,00 %
Slingo X Factor95,00 %
Slingo Riches95,00 %

Analysis of Slingo Originals Slots RTPs

Slingo Originals Slots have a small but nice fanbase. There are therefore some players who are big fans of these slots and what you have to leave to this manufacturer is the fact that he is innovative.

What also distinguishes the slots from Slingo are the more than simple RTPs, because 95% of them are 95%, so to speak. There are very few slots that deviate from the smooth 95% and pay a little more: Wheely Wheely Big Win and Slingo Love Island. But they are only just above that, which is not exactly intoxicating.

Because overall you have to say that 95% in today’s world is just too little. So at least in the online world where 97-98% is rather the standard. That’s why you have to say that you should rather keep your hands off Slingo if you attach great importance to a high RTP.

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1 thought on “RTPs of Slingo Originals Slots compared”

  1. Slingo originals don’t ask much. They give a decent return along with much decent bonus features and one of a kind displays. I haven’t even said enough about all of them yet but they’re just—worth trying.
    *********999999999999 stars

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