Vikings Go Wild Online Casino Slot: Let The Pillage Begin

When you see the name Yggdrasil Gaming attached to an online gaming slot, the first thing that comes to your mind is wildly fun entertainment. The next thing usually is marvelous visual design and detailed graphics. And then when you see it all paired with Vikings, you know you are in for a special treat. There is no way that this could not turn out to be one hell of a adventure. Continue reading “Vikings Go Wild Online Casino Slot: Let The Pillage Begin”

Orient Express Online Casino Slot: All Aboard Orient Express

If a luxurious train would happen to ride by you and a friendly face would invite you for a ride, would you hop on? Would you care to join the Orient Express for an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime? Don’t answer straight away. First, have a look at what Yggdrasil Gaming has in store for you and make sure to travel light. Continue reading “Orient Express Online Casino Slot: All Aboard Orient Express”

Double Dragons by Yggdrasil: Here they go again!

Enter the lair of the double dragons if you dare, and challenge the dragons to win up to 80,000 coins per spin. Released in 2017 by Yggdrasil Gaming, a self-proclaimed ”underdog among giants,” they have proven they’re here to stay with excellent graphics and an appealing sound.

This slot is fairly new, just like the company itself, but it does not waste any time and is accompanied by flashy graphics and bonus features you will not want to miss out on. Strap in for a fun ride and don’t blink! Continue reading “Double Dragons by Yggdrasil: Here they go again!”

Beauty & the Beast Slot: Everything movie fans can hope for

This is the year Disney released its remake of the beloved animated movie The Beauty and the Beast, based on the popular children’s fairy tale. Online casino slot lovers who enjoy a beautifully made slot game should look no further than Yggdrasil’s own Beauty and the Beast.

Most children and adults know the story of Belle, who traded places with her father as the captive of the Beast, who is a man trapped in the body of an animal. But this fairy tale is so much more than just the story of a girl who falls in love with her captor – it is the story of love reigning supreme over everything else, just like this slot is much more than a simple slot – it is magic! Continue reading “Beauty & the Beast Slot: Everything movie fans can hope for”

Nirvana Slot By Yggdrasil

Achieving Nirvana has long been the goal of many masters of the ancient arts of meditation and Buddhist monks and now the online casino players can have a chance at a Nirvana of their own, achieved not through meditation but through spinning the reels on one of the exciting slot machines by Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil slots have been nothing but groundbreaking since first appearing on the market and the visual and audio effects of Nirvana will leave you speechless. If you were on a lookout for a slot that will help you relax while also giving you a realistic chance at a major win, you are in the right place.

Nirvana is a 20 payline slot machine with 5 reels and symbols that resonate zen and calm. The gameplay in Nirvana can be as fast as you need it to be and the spectacularly done graphics make it a true joy to play. Continue reading “Nirvana Slot By Yggdrasil”

Alchymedes Slot By Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil may not have as many slots as some other software providers, but the ones they did create offer a whole different experience. Alchymedes in particular is one such slot as the game offers a very special gameplay experience that goes beyond that of a common slot machine.

While most slot machines are linear games with basically no gameplay progression, Alchymedes will see you progress through levels just like any regular computer game. This makes for a gameplay experience that will really immerse you and have you excited about the next spin, not just randomly clicking buttons.

As you progress through the levels you will get to choose between increasing your multipliers or improving the quality of your expanding Wild symbol and in this way you will be able to control how you are getting paid and how fast you are going through levels. Continue reading “Alchymedes Slot By Yggdrasil Gaming”

Super Heroes Slot by Yggdrasil

Much anticipated by slots and comic books fans. Super Heroes is a game by Yggdrasil. The game features a classic story in which five Super Heroes are doing all they can to rid Earth of evil creatures who came to take over. Released just in time for Halloween this game stand out from the other November releases in a very positive way.

Game Symbols

One of the main symbols to keep an eye out for is the Stargate symbol (Wild). Another key icon is the Shield (Scatter), featuring free spins written on top of it. They are four villain’s symbols and pays in this order; a red Belzebuth demon which pays the most, followed by a purple villain, a green monster, and a blue skeleton-head robot which pays the least. They are also four crests symbols;They are also four crests symbols Continue reading “Super Heroes Slot by Yggdrasil”

Golden Fishtank Slot Review: Fun And Profitable

there are also a lot of potentially lucrative features available for you to make the most of. ; there are also a lot of potentially lucrative features available for you to make the most of. The team at Yggdrasil Gaming always make games that are extremely visually appealing and this one is no different. The game features a watery background with bubbles floating on the screen.

The gentle music makes for a very soothing atmosphere. This is until you start to win the free spins and the screen will resemble more of a Caribbean Beach party as everything begins to light up. Continue reading “Golden Fishtank Slot Review: Fun And Profitable”