Golden Fishtank Slot Review: Fun And Profitable

Golden Fishtank is not just a game that looks cute;Golden Fishtank is not just a game that looks cuteAs always, the guys over at Yggdrasil Gaming have created a visually appealing video slot. The game features a watery background with bubbles floating on the screen.

There is a nice gentle music playing softly in the background. Once you win free spins, the entire mood changes, with exciting music playing and colorful graphics effects.

Fantastic Addons

Betting an aditional five coins in Fish Tank allows you to use the extra features of the game.

Wide Array of Extra Features

The base game of Fish Tank is fun and great, but the extra features are what makes it extremely appealing.

You will be able to get an extra selection for the free spins and you have more of a chance of winning big, but with the same odds as you would have had originally. It is a win-win situation!

The return to player value increases from 95.9% up to 96.4%. When it comes to gaming, this is a significant increase. Missing out on this over 5 coins would be complete insanity.

Free Spins are the main way you win at this slot. There are potentially 18 different features that you can earn as a result. These are anything from stacked symbols to sticky wilds. Winning 50 times your stake is easy with Free Spins and you could easily win hundreds of time your bet if you are lucky.

Latest update on: 28. February, 2021

9 thoughts on “Golden Fishtank Slot Review: Fun And Profitable”

  1. And it’s “Yggdrasil Gaming” that brought some change. Fish, sea, tank, water-themed slot game finally unlike the other kinda similar icons-themed machines that usually arise boredom after times.
    The best part of the game of its wild symbol that continuously appears on reels and increases the fun even more. The sound is already my favourite and as long as graphics are concerned the slot is well-designed by the developers and it is something that deserves a try.
    As in the other Yggdrasil slots I played so far including something similar the (Reef Run) Golden Fish Tank’s charm really lies in the base game where you can expect biggies but the overall performance is also nice and fair.
    It features scatters that are capable of awarding free rounds depending on the number that one can manage to hit. This is only one of the many slots I played who’s free spins really award something considerable. So this can be it. Best of luck!

  2. Golden Fish Tank is a video slot from Yggdrasil gaming with 5 reels made of floating symbols. It has 20 fixed paylines. I played this slot for the first time about a month ago with a good deposit in Casino Extra as I wanted to give a full try to this water-themed slot. I was actually amazed to see many people having positive thoughts about it however the game is not that great. I stopped playing it last week with the overall balance in a minus. I simply compromised my money in small sections in the hope of having a huge win but that never happened and I dont think it can ever happen.
    The maximum multiplier of 250 didnt even come close. Only feature of the game that retained me for a month is the free spins since those sometimes help to recover what is lost in the main game. Awards from the free spins were fine enough. So the only hope in the game is the scatters and wilds that can provide extra features while the rest is seriously unworthy. This could have been a good one if the main game was better. Too much better!!

  3. I played it several times back in the months of July-September and it was a nice encounter.
    I loved the delightful displays and especially the sea bed environment that the slot developers often choose. But Yggdrasil guys really make their own trend and try to come up with differences to stand out. Icons in this game occupy a unique place in the tank unlike the many similar slots such as Under the Sea by BetSoft and Crystal Waters by RTG where fishes slowly swim around in the ocean to get things bored with time. At least the themes are changing.

    A good thing here is that big wins can be expected both in the base game as well as the bonus rounds. Every symbol in game is different types of fish and card suits. Wilds and scatters are there and they frequently appear to support the real entertainment.

    Something really lies in the free spins of this game unlike the usual 4-8 dollar wins worth nothing. They are triggered by landing three or more scatters awarding upto 10 free spins and having that number just delights the session. Remaining bonus features of the game are either average or below but overall it is good to play because the base game also award good wins regularly. So, I never needed to strive for getting the extra features. Just took whatever was being offered!

  4. There is a mini tank of water with cute icons, background and music in this game. I enjoyed it too much this week while playing in different online casinos that support Yggdrasil software. It is a recent addition maybe that’s why I found extra bonuses displayed for this game. It was fun to have the bonuses.

    So Golden Fish Tank is a 20-lined game with reasonable bet option per spin and free spins that really give good awards. I also enjoyed the extra free spins given by Bet Victor casino yesterday. Until now I don’t remember when I lost anything big in any session. I loved the way my balance was rolling. This game will not make me rich I already know that because I have played for long much hours still I love it because at least it is giving something and not taking anything from my side.

    I usually make small deposits and place lower bets to stay safe. Here I played between the lowest 0.2-0.3 range. Never had any big win but the regularly appearing scatter symbols kept me up by awarding the free spins. That symbol is a colorful fish and landing 5 of them awards 10 free spins. This is the maximum number but as mentioned behind having extra free spins for this game is easy. Autoplay feature is also available.

    I don’t play this game for big wins but for decent ones I prefer the Golden Fish Tank slot. Remember the base game also has the potential of better wins but I experienced it is difficult to make those winnings combinations here. The top paying wild symbols hardly comes out and so on. As far as the bonus game is concerned I loved the random multipliers as well. Overall, I like this game and will continue to play it..

  5. Golden Fish Tank is a very interesting slot game from Yggdrasil software. After seeing its promotions in several casino pages I decided to dedicate a deposit of $20 and try my luck.

    My choice was good as the very first session in Bet365 casino went profitable. Winnings were not that big but they were to the point that I was expecting. I played it on lowest bets.

    I really liked the free spins feature in there. They are based on feature picks and it goes like land 5 scatters, have 10 free spins and 5 features picks. Less than 5 scatters gives less awards.

    I observed the wins from bonuses were much more decent than the base game and this is really unusual as the bonuses are mostly meant to fulfill just formalities. There are high paying symbols, wilds and multipliers but the main game’s overall performance did not satisfy me. I just rely on the free spins here and they are really very interesting. I got 5 scatters once but the smaller package just regularly appeared. So this is a free spins game and the rest is just fine!!

  6. A slot by Yggdrasil gaming with 5 reels and 20 paylines. It has very good features but the chances of big winning are very low and that is why I only played this game for 2 to 3 days in the last month.

    Floating fishes in the tank and the graphics make the atmosphere cheerful. Winning symbols of the game are the different card suits and fishes itself. There is nothing much new in it.

  7. Golden Fish Tank is a video slot made by Yggdrasil software and one thing about it is that it looks different and performs better than the other slots of this software.

    I have played several games by Yggdrasil but none of them gave a win that is speak-able.Vikings go wild was like good but it also didn’t show any big winning combination.

    This was now kind off leaving a bad impression about the developer but soon I discovered Golden Fish Tank which is a 5 reeled and 20 lined game with good win potential.

    There’s a high paying wild symbol and the free spins scatter that together give everything that is needed. The best part is that the dead spins doesn’t make a streak. The winning combinations are frequently made among which many are small wins but at least they keep the balance running. Some of the high bet wins are big but seeking them can be risky. The game is great overall…

  8. I played this game recently because of the theme. I checked in and it looked good. ‘Win up to 10000 coins’ wasn’t any impressive for me because jackpots are meant to be very much better. Anyways the slot looked good and I was officially ready to give it a go. It’s golden fish tank by Yggdrasil with 5 reels and 2o paylines.

    First of all I want to share that the golden bet feature gave me some straight 6 losses in the start but that was followed by a couple of wins that were nearly 7-10x my bet. I started out with the golden bet as its requirements are only a little high than the normal play in this game. I continued the same way and experienced the best wins from a line of wilds during a winning combination.

    The game’s symbols are all floating in a tank and among them are high value fish symbols. Standard symbols are the card suits that are seemingly of a zero value to the players. Wild symbol is the highest paying and it’s a golden colored ‘WILD’ itself, capable of replacing other symbols.

    I liked free spins features but it’s very difficult to trigger them. Free spins scatter awards the free spins when at least 3 symbols appear. Overall, it’s a good time pass but a big win can only land if you risk at higher stakes. All about luck

  9. It’s a 5 reel 20 lines Yggdrasil slot game. I played it in SlotsMillion casino in last week and since then I enjoy playing it. It has a nice free spins bonus game. Soon after signing in I was able to get free spins symbols on the first four reels that gave me 8 free spins and 4 feature picks. I wasn’t so sure about the feature picks at that time. I clicked on the reward and there was some table of objects to choose from. I had to pick four of them so I picked them randomly that gave me 2 extra free spins, 2x multiplier, sticky wild on reel 4 and a stacked wild as well. Then I excitedly started the bonus game. I had 10 free spins with a sticky wild on reel 4 plus a 2x multiplier and guess what 9 out of 10 free spins gave a 0 but I was more than lucky to get a big win from one of the spins. It was a 58.90 euro win in at the end of the feature. I didn’t know it in start but the feature picks + free spins is overall the best part of golden fish tank.

    You’ll hardly find anything good in the base game. Most of the spins are dead spins and the most wins are penny like wins. Golden bet feature I don’t wanna try. Overall, it looks good and music is average. It’s good to play if you keep getting free spins.

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