Fire Joker Review: Classic Slot With A Twist

Classic slots still have a place in today’s market;Classic slots still have a place in today’s market This title from Play’n Go is a classic game on steroids.The modern features were added to the classic slot layout to make it even better and more in line with modern times.

It has two bonus features, as well as 3 reels.

We Ain

Joker symbol is the main part of the Fire Joker slot. The main features revolve around it and when you get a stack of jokers, you will even get a free re-spin of the third wheel in order to try and get a further win.

There is also a cool feature whereby if you get the same symbol on each of the 3 reels, you will be able to spin the wheel with a bigger multiplier, increased from x2 your stake up to a nice x10 your stake.

These are all made possible by the stacked symbol feature that is seen on the reels. This is the main reason why classic games such as this one remain popular in this day and age.

Simplicity is Key

Another great attraction to this game is the fact that it is so simple to understand and play. You will not be forced to spend time reading the rules of the slot too long. The simple slot does activate one of the features every 20-30 spins, but they are simple as well and easy to comprehend.

The slot uses fruit symbols that are so common in the industry, while the exciting music creates just the right ambience.When you have a winner, the symbols will fire up in a cool effect.

Stacking jokers on few consecutive spins activates the hot streak, giving plenty of opportunity for huge wins.

Latest update on: 1. May, 2021

7 thoughts on “Fire Joker Review: Classic Slot With A Twist”

  1. This is a no trend classic slot by Play’n GO. I really saw a 3-reeled development after a long time as gamers aren’t really into this kind of play nowadays and that’s true a similar case for me as well as I too don’t prefer such kind of slot when online casinos are already crowded with hundreds of choices.
    Traditional symbols it got:
    * cherries
    * bars
    * stars
    * 7s etc.
    What I found special is the high definition graphics obviously they got inspiration from the old school but managed to make things better by improving the graphics, colours, comparative sounds and so in Fire Joker. Everything looked extra ordinary while playing on my mobile here’s another good about it no need to worry about bugs while using mobile or tablet. Broadly speaking I liked this game more than the microgaming’s 3 reels as I still remember the 1-lined Cherry Red and City of Gold. Moreover, here are 5 winning lines with 3 reels.
    There are amazing bonus rounds therefore the winning shot is kind of difficult to get I managed to have same symbols on two reels many times but for winning the third reel also needs to have the same one. Another good part is that the third reel spins again for chance to get the third symbol and make a winning combination. That happened rarely in my experience thought it isn’t impossible.
    Don’t expect big winning combinations neither in the base game nor in the free rounds. The maximum jackpot is 800x the total stake again not a big opportunity and that is where microgaming passed through jackpot of its 3 reel slots are 1000-6000 as much as I remember.
    A good pass of time it is, recommended for those who much like the gameplay and stuff and not really for the keen gamblers.

  2. I like this game because of the amazing re-spin feature as it happens too often therefore makes the ‘wins’ frequent if luck stays by the side. This game is not seriously made for the winnings in hundreds but for someone like me “Fire Joker” has got it all. Though I never won anything higher than 70x the total bet but the game has potential of awarding up to 800x. Other than that the 10x multiplier is always there to increase every win through the re-spin action. It is a good game overall only minor visual flaws.

  3. Play N Go software developed Fire Joker and this game has some very interesting features. The game is very simple but still very capable of rewarding players with great wins. It has three reels, three rows and only five fixed pay-lines. I was surprised to see the promotion of an old-fashioned 3/5 slot game in one of my favorite casinos after which I decided to dedicate some time to it. After experiencing some large sessions, I had no regrets about my decision to play it.

    Graphics of the game are also simple and the symbols are all the well-known sevens, bars, stars, an X, lemons and cherries. Wild symbol is the joker and it replaces all others to make winning combinations.

    Bonus features of the game are worth mentioning because I found that here they are triggered much regularly and easily as compared to the other slot games. A re-spin feature is triggered when matching symbols appear on two of the three reels. Reel number three then re-spins for a chance to make a winning combination. The feature was literally the best friend of my balance in the game. Secondly, there is a Wheel of Multiplier feature and that too appears regularly. It is triggered when each reel has stacked symbols and good thing is that all the symbols can appear stacked. I had the maximum x10 from the wheel of fortune however what regularly comes from it is the x4 multiplier as far as I experienced.

    Overall, this game is well worth playing. It is an entertaining as well as a rewarding game. It never disturbed my budget but increased it many times with considerable amounts.

  4. Fire Joker is one of the most entertaining slot games of all time. It caught my attention for the first time this September in casino dhoze where I was already playing another one from Play N’ Go. I loved Fire Joker’s appearance and simple game-play. The developer well-managed to put in the older 3 reel 5 line trend into the action again.
    Everything in the game is rewarding and I don’t think so anyone would want to quit it after trying. Sometimes the winning combinations are huge and sometimes they are only acceptable. At least they are acceptable. There is a 10x multiplier that randomly occurs. Another one is the re-spin feature that is activated by by landing 2 stacked symbols on reels. The re-spins highly favored my balance every time. The entire game favored me. I love to play it.

  5. A slot game that I play every day. Only a few minutes to about 1 hour each day in playing this game makes me happy. There are minor things that could have been better such as the maximum 80x win from top combination is very low as compared to 3 reel games by microgaming and other developers. In short there are no such possibilities of winning big.

    I still like it because wins from the base game slowly continue to increase my balance. I never experienced any considerable loss until now so that is actually what I need. Good game!

  6. Fire Joker is an easy slot game with only 3 reels and 5 paylines. Play n go software recently created it and they possibly targeted most of the players who like simple video slots. I like the background that is simply made of fire with light colours. It never disturbs the eyes but the music on the other hand is too odd. It could have been something light and nice rather than that fast tune running with the background fire.

    I want to play this game regularly but sometimes it takes long to open. I tried it in two different online casinos. I think that problem is with my device but other video slots that I play take normal time. The game works very well once it starts.

    The developers used old simples for this game to support the simplicity. 7s, bars, cherries and others mostly fruits can be seen from time to time since the game has only 3 reels. The spin wheel looks so nice and burning when it is close to results. I managed to have some winnings from this game and also had them in my bank account soon.

    There are no modern features but the game’s unique ‘flaming respin feature’ is good. This is a low to medium variance video slot. A safe game for anyone.

  7. It’s a nooooob game. I played it and one thing for sure the fire joker was made for kids and not for the online gamblers. It’s too simple and the wins are very small. I never saw anything above 5x of my bet. The “respin on fire” awarded a 0.20 hahah only 0.20 from that feature. I’ll suggest don’t waste time on this game.

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