Secrets of Atlantis Slot Review: Fantastic Graphics And Consistent Payouts

Both mobile and desktop versions of NetEnt casinos offer pretty much the same level of quality when it comes to slots. However, you really need to play Secrets of Atlantis on a desktop, as the mobile version simply feels to cramped and squeezed in, which leads to a suboptimal experience.

The water theme with the mermaids and clear blue water is very relaxing and is a great calming environment for your playing session.

Unbelievable Return to Player Value

Secrets Of Atlantis is one of the games with highest retuns to player, with an incredible 97.07%.You will be hard pressed to get a better value than that in all the land and sea.

This is in addition to the 40 paylines, which ensures that there is going to be plenty of action with each and every spin.

The downside is that it can be harder to win bigger multiples of your stake, as you effectively need to fill the screen with identical symbols in order to get over 10 times your bet.

Calculated and Consistent Wins

The shapes and symbols in this slot game are much more calculated than in other slots. You don’t just randomly earn a magic symbol;You don’t just randomly earn a magic symbol

Fantastic Gameplay

While the slot does not offer too many huge wins, the graphics and gameplay and the consistent wins make it worth playing. This slot allows you to build your bankroll up bit by bit as you play, without risking too much.

Latest update on: 25. May, 2021

7 thoughts on “Secrets of Atlantis Slot Review: Fantastic Graphics And Consistent Payouts”

  1. There is nothing much to say and suggest about this game. It has no scatter symbols, no bonus game, and you will not get those free spins that pop the smile of gamblers. The water-theme is good and the sounds are also interesting but that did not inspire me much so will hardly dedicate another try to it.

  2. This is a good good looking fantasy game with 40 paylines and max bet per spin of £200. It excites me more than any other online slot machine because other than the game’s own features many casinos award extra free spins. I am playing it since a month and now want to recommentd to others as well. This one too isnt perfect but I think it is better than many.
    An important thing about this game that one must know is that its free spins doesnt give much money. I saw many of them resulting in a zero also but on the other hand free spins in Secrets of Atlantis are frequently triggered possibly more than Net Entertainment’s every other slot game so these ‘small in size’ but ‘large in number’ wins always returned a good balance to me.
    Main game’s feature that I like is the highlight feature, which triggers a colossal re-spin round. Special about that is again the frequently occurring capability. The 3 center reels transform into 1 with colossal lump of symbols being displayed fully or partially during this feature. This feature benefits by increasing the win through landing up to 12 symbols simultaneously.
    Other in game features are only fine. So this is certainly a game of time. You will get nothing if the plan is to give some minutes and win like big……

  3. Net Entertainment created this 5 reel 40 line slot in the near past. I tried it this week and would like to say that it is worth playing. It is simple as there are no such complex features that make the players happy for once when they appear and at the end they go away without paying anything good. Theme of the game is nice and the graphics music are different from many. It did not make me bored after playing for 3-4 hours continuously. I guess this game can pay big sometime big wins are not too often here but I am already amazed to have a win of 100x the bet somewhere in the base game. I will keep trying my luck here!!!

  4. This recent release caught the eyes of gamblers on August of 16. It was made by NetEnt and was given one of the most attractive themes I have ever seen in slot games. It features mermaids and treasures standing underwater and representing the lost city of Atlantis. The thing I like is that the name of the game clearly favours the theme.

    It is a very interesting game with 5 x 4 reels and 40 paylines. That mermaid is the wild symbol that has the power of filling an entire reel during the main game. Moreover all the symbols in game can appear stacked and those ultimately increase the possibility of making winning combinations that we need.

    A special one is the highlight feature that triggers re-spins. Each respin had a guaranteed colossal symbols that helped in granting good wins and further respins. With those stacked symbols the maximum I had was 60x the stake during the base game. I expect the potential is much more than this. I play this game for big wins though it did give me one yet. Overall, my experience with this game has been positive until now……

  5. Secrets of Atlantis is a latest Netent slot and its release was in the mid of 2016 I guess when I played it for the first time in 888 casino. This game is unique because only a few with this theme are seen.
    The game is based on Atlantis Island so it features underwater symbols. It has 5 reels and 40 paylines with a RTP value of 97.1%. In a very short time this slot is liked by many for real money gambling. Many people use talk about the famous slot.
    For those people this game is more lucky. I found no big luck in the 4-5 month’s career. But I did win small prizes regularly. Its wild mermaid is the only hope at sometimes because it fills the reels for making considerable winning combinations. All other symbols can also be helpful when they appear stacked.
    The game’s unique suffers when it comes to the free spins. There are no scatter symbols at all which is a shame. The game looks very nice especially when the symbols appear big on the screen. It definitely possesses something that keeps the players active and loyal towards it but for continuing to be that special the slot needs improvements. Maybe in a second version……………………………………………….

  6. It’s a netent powered slot game with 5 reels and 40 paylines. I was very excited to try this game last month in may. I knew it’s a recent release and I also knew that it didn’t win the popularity of a great slot game. But still I wanted to try because it was made by netent and also because I was familiar with the layout. Previously I played the 40 lined neon staxx, space wars and dracula by netent and all of them are good slot games. In simple words, no cheating and no losing combinations in row.

    Secrets of Atlantis of course has a beautiful theme with nice graphics. Netent also announced some nice soundtracks in this game according to the theme. I like this slot game because I don’t get bored even after playing for some hours in one day. I always enjoy my time with slot games whether it’s wins or loses. In fact it’s all about luck but the games at least should be enjoyable and not boring. Secrets of Atlantis is enjoyable that’s why I like it. Other than that I also win in this game.

    It isn’t counted among the high roller games but still a player can win up to 320000 coins in one spin. I would love to see that moment whenever it comes. Then only €0.20 is the minimum requirement to try this beautiful game. It’s nice and easy. I must admit that the first few minutes of playing this game were bad. I couldn’t see any single win that was good. There are no scatter symbols so don’t look for the free spins or any bonuses. All the treasure is hidden in the base game if you can find it.

    Wins with the expanding wild mermaid symbol are somewhat great. It substitutes for all other symbols as it happened many times. That mermaid was the first thing that I noticed during the game’s introduction lol.

    Furthermore it awards both way wins and reminds me of starburst even though the two games somewhat entirely different. Then the colossal re-spin mode can be activated but too much rarely. A good total money can be won during the feature. So no free spins but there are some very rewarding features in this game. Don’t expect a mega win until you manage to activate all of the game’s features..

  7. Secrets of Atlantis is video slot by Netent. It has 5 reels 4 rows and 40 paylines and theme similar to name of slot. I like Secrets of Atlantis by Netent only although there are same other games by other game providers. This one by Netent makes winning combinations again and again and that keep the balance rolling. I like and recommend it.

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