Devil’s Delight – Netent’s evil Power Machine

Hell is a scary place, and Devil’s Delight is a video slot that will take you straight into its depths. The 20 payline slot includes a multitude of gameplay features hardly matched by any other video slot out there. Playing Devil’s Delight is guaranteed to make you sweat as you descend down the stairs straight into hell’s deaths.

Devil’s Delight is one hell of an experience for gamblers of all sorts as it provides an action packed gameplay experience, with a new feature popping up every few spins and plenty of payouts happening left and right. The game may not be for those weak of heart however as the devilish sounds and graphics can scare even the most courageous of us

Your Sin Is Devil’s Delight

Let’s face it, we love to sin! This game is a perfect match with your average gambler as it puts us in touch with the lord of sin himself. Devil’s Delight is in fact not a scary game, as the Devil and hell presented in it are cartoonish and much more cheerful than the real deal.

Instead of fear, you are likely to feel quite a bit of excitement while playing Devil’s Delight as the game presents you with a multitude of winning options. From free spins and bonus game to the expanding wild symbols, Devil’s Delight is easily one of the more profitable slots you could possible play.

The thing so many gamblers absolutely love about Devil’s Delight is certainly the low variance the game provides through its multiple gameplay features. Unlike many other video slots, Devil’s Delight awards long play. As you go, you will be collecting souls and once you have enough souls you get to jump into the bonus round, connecting the souls with the seven deadly sins.

The features of Devil’s Delight are very versatile and while you may have seen most of them or at least similar ones in the past, this game combines them all into one and gives you a very complete slots gameplay experience. The wilds, the bonus rounds and free spins all make an appearance in a huge mix of features that may not pay thousands of dollars, but will make your bankroll profitable.

When In Hell, Dance With The Devil

Devil’s Delight is a game completely dedicated to its devilish theme. The red, orange and yellow colors dominate the game with fiery animations and hellish sounds completing the atmosphere. The game creates a tense atmosphere through background music, ambience sounds and plenty of solid animations, mixed in with more gameplay features than you can count. Fantastic for all levels of slots players.

If you were on the lookout for an exciting experience that would see you jumping out of your chair and getting excited over a new feature giving you a solid payout every 10 spins or so, Devil’s Delight is your game. Gone are the days of spinning your slot hundreds of times with barely any payouts. Play Devil’s Delight and enjoy the consistency and flow the game provides along with the dirty pleasures of sin.

Latest update on: 10. May, 2021

4 thoughts on “Devil’s Delight – Netent’s evil Power Machine”

  1. After all the adventures fantasies sports romance now we have the devils right here. I played this devil’s delight this weak in BitStarz where I am a member. It’s a slot game that looks wonderful. The symbols look wonderful and the graphics also do so playing it after watching all that was a must. But who knows what it has inside will it pay or will it take everything were among the questions in my mind before starting and now I can easily answer them myself.

    The 5 reels and 20 paylines slot’s theme is certainly hell. But when I opened it for the first time it was like wow what a hell lol. There are definitely some nice to eyes animations and colors that attract. So it was then the time to begin the fun. Dont worry this game isn’t hell in fact it’s something more it’s hell fun for everyone.

    I simply loved the top 3 symbols of this game because they don’t hide. In most slot games the top paying symbols dont appear regularly but here it’s opposite. These best symbols are wild devil, scatter pentagram and the bonus reaper symbol.

    3 or more scatter symbols open the way toward up to 17 free spins with every spin paying nicely with a multiplier. Just nothing else could be better than a bunch of free spins with multipliers so I loved this bonus feature more than anything else there. The soul reaper bonus was also good while making some high paying combos on screen. There is another interesting sin spins feature where more bet apply to more wins. So overall the game has so much potential of awarding the players. There is no such risk only fun……………..

  2. Before going for devil’s delight recently I was expecting it to be a big winning game because of the uncertain theme. Unfortunately I had bad luck and quickly lost my deposit at 2 euro betting. Some of it was my mistake but this game definitely has more dead spin potential. The free spin and wild symbol also didn’t create any joy.
    So careful.

  3. Devil and delight together could have been hell fun but this game did everything opposite. It’s one of the difficult Netent video slots that make winning combinations after ages.

    The graphics are nice and Netent actually has always worked well with the visuals and music. Layout is 5 reels with 3 rows and 20 paylines. Bet of up to 125, jackpot and bonuses are available in this game but I’m not sure if they’re for real because my journey was rough and without any nice features.

    I got free rounds for only once in an hour almost. Activated in the same way with 3 scatters but it was difficult to get those symbols. 3x multiplier during the bonus was good. The round is really good as long as it isn’t ended. But truth is that it’s short time happiness.

    Wild expands and substitutes for other symbols but it doesn’t pay that way as in other netent games. 5000 coin jackpot prize also seems impossible. I think there are some additional bonuses as well but difficult again.

    Overall, devil’s delight pays poorly. Paytable doesn’t match netent standards. After all it was a bad choice referred by forums..

  4. Try to avoid the theme and play this game for a lot of fun and many wins. Devil’s Delight has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. My experience with this game has been awesome so that’s why I decided to share it with you all.

    There is a possibility that you will not like this slot until you get the first set of free spins. Secondly, without a doubt, I’m sure you will fall in love with it after reaching the sin spins. I fell in love without even reaching that point lol. My free spins were activated by landing three scatter symbols of a pentagram. This game has many interesting things. I was allowed to select one of the scatters before the feature began and the selection then awarded me with 10 free spins and x2 multiplier. I got 5 extra free spins and a multiplier before the feature ended. They contributed to a win of €100+ which was exactly according to what I expected.

    Then we have a soul reaper bonus which is by far the most interesting bonus feature of the game. I triggered the feature when three bonus symbols of a reaper consecutively landed on the reels. The following task was to match 5 sins with 5 characters shown on the game screen and well I was stupid enough to match only 1 character with the right sin. It still awarded a 60 coin win and filled the soul meter with 1 point.

    Soul meter interesting right? Have you played the Forsaken Kingdom by Microgaming? It’s also one of my favorite slot games in which you fill 12 particular spaces to trigger a round table of fortune. In Devil’s Delight, you get the sin spins by filling the soul meter. But it’s only for the regular players I must mention that. I always had to give up after filling it a little more than half. But don’t be disappointed if you are a slot fan and you give 2-3 hours a day to them. I am a fan but due to a lack of free time these I could’s play the nice Devil’s Delight for as much time as she asks. The soul meter progress lasts for 48 hours so someone who can get the soul reaper bonus for 14 times within 48 hours and fill the meter will definitely get a big worthy prize. Prizes for this round are based on your average wagering within 48 hours so I think the high rollers are going to go higher if they get this bonus. I saw some youtube videos with this only feature and huge wins.

    That’s not all about the hell game by Netent. Free spins and base game have an expanding wild feature before which the wild symbol of devil lands on reel two, three and four, and expands to cover the entire reel. That also makes some pretty winning combinations. They are much better during the free spins.

    Lastly I have a little guide for the players to get the most out of Devil’s Delight.
    Play it with €4-€8 per spin and don’t go higher.
    Watch the feature preview in the lower right corner of the game screen.
    Fill the soul meter.
    And good luck!

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