Blood Suckers Review: Classic & Lucrative Vampire Game

There is no doubt that vampires have lost some of their mystery recently thanks to popular TV shows and movies.The popular portrayal depicts them as completely harmless and utterly misunderstood creatures. The Blood Suckers game is exactly the opposite. This is from a time when vampires were seen as being truly evil and a lot of the slot games were simple in concept and execution.

Different from the Others

There are many vampire slots games out there today and this is definitely one of the best. There are no romantic or sparkly vampires here. Given an opportunity, they would waste no time satisfying their thirst with your blood.

This is one of the classic games from NetEnt games, so the Blood Suckers graphics will inevitably not be on par with some of their newer titles, such as Aliens. Despite the fact, this slot does have a very nice graphic and some very interesting, attention-grabbing symbols. For example, there is a woman with her neck open, dripping blood, and an angel seated in the shadows of the eclipsed moon.

Impressive Win Rates

The glaring advantage that Blood Suckers has over its competition is the massive return to player value of 98%. You will be hard pressed to find one that is much better than that. This means that you are going to have plenty of wins throughout your time playing Blood Suckers. These will be smaller wins, but you will be able to slowly but surely build up your bankroll.

It isn’t a rare occurrence to win with a x30 or x50 multiplier when it comes to utilising your free spins. Blood Suckers does show its age somewhat, as it has bene around the block for close to a decade at this stage and might be due for a revamp. Regardless, the slot stands its ground as one of the most distinctive games in its respective genre.

Latest update on: 21. May, 2021

8 thoughts on “Blood Suckers Review: Classic & Lucrative Vampire Game”

  1. James Velazquez

    I always end up with profit in hand after playing Blood Suckers for a couple of hours. Profit sometimes low and sometimes double to triple figures if luck rolls. Here is comparatively low risk in high wagers. Firstly, there are big chances of hitting jackpots and 100x the stake is frequent.
    98% RTP is also exclusive. Themes are of vampires and the game’s living dead bride symbol is the scatter. Everything needed is three scatters that wins you ten free spins. Having more than three doesn’t award extra spins but they too help in increasing the payout.
    There is a bonus round. It activates as soon as three or more bloody hammer bonus symbols appear. Though the Blood Suckers bonus game doesn’t have big award potential. It confused me while entering into an ancient chamber part of the slot winning at the end only about 6.
    Point that desire is that 7500x jackpot that can be won when 5 wild cards occur on an enabled payline. Overall the game is pretty good better than most.

  2. I like that this game pays more than the many others but that is sometimes of no use when you cannot maintain the wins. Free spins sometimes become unreliable and doesn’t even pay a buck so there is no hope associated with the many free rounds in this game. Play it with patience and try the luck

  3. Blood suckers is the only vampire-themed game that I admire. It pays big and features everything thats necessary for slot gamers. The vampires were this time chosen by my favourite software Net Entertainment so trying was a must. I dont know why some of the casinos have still blocked this game and doesnt allow to play anyways I try my luck in it too often and comfortably in the unibet online casino.
    My favourite part of the game is the betting range as it allows me to choose between the large range according to my balance. It is the minimum £0.01 to the maximum £500.00. What else do I need when I have a wonderful betting option, 98.00% RTP and a lot of bonus features. Net Ent’s blood suckers itself is too much entertaining. The 5R 25P slot entertains more than a horror movie if you keep winning and that is no big deal in there. Every requirement is keeping calm and playing it after selecting the right platform.
    This game follows the provider’s usual standards. There are scatter symbols of an Undead Bride that award ten free spins if three of them appear. Scatters have much more: ‘4x, 25x, 100x the bet’ for ‘3, 4 or 5’ scatters.
    There are also the bonus symbols of a Bloody Hammer that award ‘Pick Me’ bonus round if three or more of them appear on a payline. In my knowledge having more or less than three hammer symbols are of no use.
    Then comes the highest paying wild symbols of Vampire and a Girl. These can return 300x the bet though I have not yet tasted it haha!
    Lastly, this low variance slot is perfect for someone like me who likes to bet large. I was lucky to have wins of more than 50x my bet in many sessions so that says it all.

  4. Blood suckers or the money suckers? Get as much profit as you can from this game or otherwise let it win from you or simply suck your blood. Of course we want to win and will hate the other side.

    I play it at least once in a week with a small deposit. Unofficial figures say that it has 98% RTP but I never consider it. The game has a lot more to give and a lot of negative potential to take back as well.

    Wild cards are the top paying symbols here. If five of them appear on an active line the win automatically multiplies by 300. This awesome jackpot can boost the balance but don’t risk much spins waiting for it as several losses can turn the balance zero and make you quit. Try to play this game from time to time then it’ll be more fun.

    This game’s free spins feature is also good as every win is tripled during those rounds. They are activated by 3 or more scatters. Extra spins feature is also enabled I am not sure of the maximum number but extra spins were being triggered.

    Pick me bonus feature is also nice that is activated by landing 3 or more bonus symbols. There are 12 coffins to pick in which 9 are lucky and the other 3 tend to end the bonus game. The 9 of them have vampires that actually award.

    I had the biggest win during free spins when landed a full line of wilds. So bonus game here is more of a concern. It’s a really interesting slot no doubt like others it doesn’t exist to let the players win every time..

  5. Blood suckers has a great RTP value it’s famous for its 98%. I heard most casinos does not offer this game due to this but it’s definitely a big advantage where allowed. I play this slot for a long time every day in different Netent powered casinos. The gameplay is cool and joyful along with every feature that pays. It’s among a few low variance slots that means risks of losing are highly affordable. On the other hand a nice winning streak turns the balance into big.
    In it the top paying symbol is wild which gives multiplied winnings by filling the active lines. There are 25 paylines in this game along with the 5 reels. It’s a nice structure for a low variance slot and this game overall looks great. Most of the times I end up in profit…

  6. Bloodsuckers is one of the finest Netent slots with 5 reels and 25 paylines. It is in fact one of the most famous by the developer. I like it more than Starburst Gonzo and many other famous slots because it gives me real regular wins. The game’s graphics look great and the symbols also look great in a dark background. Most of them are the vampires. Moreover interesting sounds keep changing and running to increase the fun. Well slot fun is real fun only when wins come close. So here I was playing blood suckers for the first time in a Netent powered casino last year somewhere in the mid of June. And here I am again still not bored by it. A pure biggie mind gambler may or may not like it because it has no such monster feature to give a huge win. But regular wins remember and that happens because high paying symbols appear regularly. Maybe my luck makes them to but no wherever I read about this game I read positive. So there is something in it that attracts me and certainly anyone who plays. It got pros but keep in mind no slot can be a perfect one. Losing streaks can always take place and ruin but don’t lose interest. This game awards and that’s why I play it from time to time. I quit when I keep losing and get back again sometime. That’s advisable.

    There are many features that can increase the balance at any time. Some of the features are more than interesting but they can be complicated as well so don’t lose mind and keep it going. When the main bonus round activates by the bonus symbols the player will then be picking the vampire coffins. If vampire appears a nice random win is awarded and an empty coffin gives nothing. Don’ worry the rounds will not end soon if you are lucky. Now be delighted I got an empty coffin in the first turn for only a few times in these months so there’s more of a chance to win in this interesting bonus round.

    Scatter symbols activate the free spins but they aren’t likely to give what they should. Remember no slot is perfect. Forget these free spins so.

    I never got the 7500 coins mentioned jackpot but if anyone does it will be wonderful. Wilds hardly appear and this symbol is the vampire on back side of a girl. Getting all five of them on an enabled payline seems impossible though. Well that was about some high paying symbols of this game yet there are others as well. No cards but there is a garlic symbol that you don’t really want to have regularly and a bow and the bonus wild and scatter already mentioned that are the main hope.

    Overall, this is a unique slot by Net Entertainment and everyone must give it a try.

  7. Blood suckers is a netent powered slot game that is available online in a large number of casinos. Easy to find and play this game has 5 reels and 25 paylines. I played it recently with minimum bets that made me live for about an hour. During that time the winnings were poor and I ended up with all of the coins in a zero box. I expected it to be better after reading so many good words but unfortunately it wasn’t any good. I think about 90% of the spins that I clicked went dead and there were too less bonuses and good wins with wilds to recover the losing streaks. It was such a bad experience of mine with netent…

  8. more fame less quality I think people only like it because of its 98% rtp but it relly isn’t wise to play such a game for a long time. i played it this week and it’s nothing above avergae. the main coffins bonus triggered after a long time only awards a 4x and don’t have many options there.

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