Fantasini Master of Mystery – Exactly how mysterious is it?

Illusion is the only form of magic that we are sure exists. Fantasini: Master Of Mystery, is the absolute master of this ancient art, and the NetEnt slot is one that will constantly keep you asking yourself what will happen next, much like a good illusionist’s show.

While the game may lack many of the gameplay features so many slots players are used to seeing in modern video slots, there is just something special about playing Fantasini: Master Of Mystery and knowing that every spin of the wheels may be the one that gives you that next huge payout.

Continue reading and discover how Fantasini: Master Of Mystery slot works and what chances you have of getting a big payday while playing the game.

Link Up The Reels For Big Wins

Most modern video slots include features such as free spins and bonus games. Unlike these features, Fantasini: Master Of Mystery includes the all pays feature and the linked chains feature. The all pays feature allows players to be paid for any combination of symbols left to right, regardless of their position on the reels.

The linked chains feature on the other hand links two, three or four reels, copying the symbols from one to the others. As you could expect, the four linked reels happens on a rare occasion, but guarantees a solid payout, and possibly a huge one depending on the fifth reel.

Every single spin of the reels will see at least two adjacent reels connected and giving a fair chance of a payout. Every so often, you will see four linked reels, which truly spices up the action as the chance of a very solid payout becomes astronomically high when four reels contain the same symbols. If you are lucky enough, the fifth reel will play along and you will see yourself hitting jackpot!

The Winnings Are Real, The Rest Is An Illusion

Fantasini: Master Of Mystery is a very lucrative slots which provides some excellent winning opportunities. While you wait for your wins, feel free to enjoy the exciting graphics and sounds that this amazing NetEnt game provides for your senses to savor.

The lack of many gameplay features has been the main drawback of this game and the reason many people have called it a sub-par slot, but true fans of video slots who love versatility and diversity will learn to quickly appreciate. After all what is the fun of constantly playing the one same game with different graphics. Fantasini: Master Of Mystery provides a different gameplay experience that may come with plenty of variance but also comes with rich awards for those who are patient to get them

If you love mystery, magic and money, Fantasini: Master Of Mystery is the exact type of video slot you will want to delve into. Enjoy the linked reels feature and make the best of this mysterious slot for anywhere between cents and dozens of Euros per spin.

Latest update on: 25. April, 2021

3 thoughts on “Fantasini Master of Mystery – Exactly how mysterious is it?”

  1. Fantasini: Master of Mystery is a Netent video with new linking reels feature. It has a fantasy theme.
    I like its 5 reels and 243 ways to win paylines. So what goes regular in this game are winning streaks with small wins but thanks that there isn’t much losing. 243 ways and still its a medium variance slot which is acceptable.
    A big win can be expected from a spin with all 5 reels being linked together but I didnt manage to have it even once so cannot say anything about this special feature. It’s special since there are no bonus free spins and etc.
    Wild can also be the hope which is a magician substituting the other symbols to make some good winning combinations. It’s difficult to win big but remember there isn’t much losing so everyone should try it..

  2. This video slot is powered by Netent and it has 5 reels with 243 paylines. It’s my favourite arrangement of reels and lines so that’s why I played this slot also. It is not so good and according to the Netent standads. I had no luck at any time playing this game. The wins I have from here are very low. I can’t even manage win my deposit back.

    Linked reels only is the main feature here that randomly appears and gives some wins but it does not covers it all. Spins start with linked reels which have possibility of expanding further but it rarely happens. The has potential but those good wins really hardly come on screen.

    As it usually happens this game is also not a unique one it’s a copy of many other Netent. The name doesn’t have any difference only the symbols look a bit different. Well I don’t think so I will play it again

  3. There’s no good in playing this game. Even the name is odd and yeah long enough like what should I say to my best friend hey I played The Fantasini The Master Of The Mystery loll no I should say this one is simply worth avoiding and it also looks ordinary.

    Its reels work in the same way as in twin spin those are the linked reels that are supposed to increase the chances of winning and they are better in twin spin than in the fantasini. Both games are actually not so good. Both made by Netent.

    My linked reels expanded to become triplet several times but a winning combination wasn’t made so it was a disappointing start and the progress was never made. I lost quickly. Try to choose some other good game.

    In this game there are no bonuses so if you like to play bonus games then avoid this at once. Good luck with the choice.

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