Alchymedes Slot By Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil may not have as many slots as some other software providers, but the ones they did create offer a whole different experience. Alchymedes in particular is one such slot as the game offers a very special gameplay experience that goes beyond that of a common slot machine.

While most slot machines are linear games with basically no gameplay progression, Alchymedes will see you progress through levels just like any regular computer game. This makes for a gameplay experience that will really immerse you and have you excited about the next spin, not just randomly clicking buttons.

As you progress through the levels you will get to choose between increasing your multipliers or improving the quality of your expanding Wild symbol and in this way you will be able to control how you are getting paid and how fast you are going through levels.

Alchymedes Slot Features

The Alchymedes slot is a 30 payline slot with five reels that does not contain scatter symbols like most other slots do. Instead, the slot offers a Wild symbol that expands according to a preset pattern. The pattern changes every time you move up a level and the surface it covers is somewhat decided by your choice.

Every time a Wild appears, it will expand according to the pattern to adjacent symbols, making them Wild as well. Every time a symbol is a part of a winning payline, that field is covered in orange. Once all fields are orange, you have completed a level.

At the end of each level, you get to pick whether you wish to increase your multipliers for the next levels or the size of the expanding Wild. If you choose the multipliers, more spins will receive larger random multipliers during that level. If you choose the expanding Wild, the pattern will become more favorable in the next level.

Every time you complete a level, you get to pick which way to go. Bigger expanding Wild means more chances at big paylines, while bigger multiplier means more chance at your wins being multiplied with big numbers. The choice is yours.

Alchymedes Slot Design And Audio

The audiovisual identity of this alchemy themed video slot is pretty amazing. Each symbol on the slot is designed with great care, with pre-game animations and the ones during the play completely blowing your mind. The game is nicely designed than the vast majority of slots and plays more like an arcade game than a video slot.

For those who are looking for a video slot experience that will fully entertain them and make them feel like playing to achieve a goal instead of just clicking buttons and hoping for a win, Alchymedes is truly a type of game that will give exactly the right amount of entertainment and winning chance combined.

Play Alchymedes at any online casino with Yggdrasil games and enjoy progressing through exciting levels as you teach yourself in the ancient arts of alchemy and become a true master of it.

Latest update on: 27. May, 2021

3 thoughts on “Alchymedes Slot By Yggdrasil Gaming”

  1. Alchymedes is a latest video slot created by Yggdrasil gaming. I played it this week and it was a very interesting experience. Main thing that I didn’t like about this slot is the complexity of gameplay. A new player will just get lost to what is actually happening. But still the slot is very different from the other traditional slot games copying each other’s ideas repeatedly so it’s a unique one by Yggdrasil. This game looks more like a lab of the scientists. The structure is however similar to the fellow slot games. It has 5 reels and 30 paylines with card suits as the standard symbols and lab equipment as the top symbols. I like the Yggdrasil software’s idea of using suits rather than cards because they are already widely featured in hundreds of slots. The games by this company are usually different and it is known. So is the Alchymedes that is very different and also it is interesting and rewarding.

    It features a green a red flask that cover the sides. Green flask is initially full and it decreases with the appearance of wilds whereas the red flask the more interesting one is responsible for multipliers. A 10x win comes almost regularly that increases the balance to high. Work of the wild is the similar substitution of standard symbols but there are no scatters so no free spins. Base game’s features are very complex but overall playing this game at a little above the minimum bet gives some great wins…

  2. This one is a very interesting slot game recently made by Yggdrasil. It has 5 reels and 3o paylines and like the other video slots of Yggdrasil the Alchymedes also has a different n interesting theme of labs that equipment and alchemy.

    In this game the regular spins are based on player levels that change with the liquid in green flast. It is filled before a new level starts. Mine is the red flask on the right side that multiplies the winnings.

    The highest paying symbols are then the wilds which spread according to a random pattern for each levels. They also substitute for other symbols.

    Apart from the complex features this game also a nice paytable. Wins are awarded regularly but theyre relatively small wins whereas some big wins are also hidden in the game for lucky people. I had wins of above 100x in one spin for a few and that should be enough to understand the game’s potential.

    I missed free spins if they were here the game could have been to a next level. Overall it’s still great and worth playing…

  3. This game is neck pain.
    It’s difficult and boring.
    I played it this week with a hope of having some big wins from the complex features. The game looked different in the start but while moving on it’s all the same. Same same yggdrasil stuff. Maybe I made a mistake of setting high values too early. But it wasn’t a good idea overall. So many no winning combinations!

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