Gonzo’s Quest Review: Simple Yet Striking

In Gonzo’s Quest you are an adventurer that is tasked with going deep into the jungle to try and find the mysterious city that is El Dorado that holds more valuables than gold.

Amazing Graphics

The graphics and sounds used in this slot are just stunning.The jungle experience is paramount and there are many unique features to use in this game, just like most of the titles that are released by NetEnt. Gonzo’s Quest is probably the company’s most popular game and is very well known amongst both experienced and casual players alike. It is a well thought out theme and the game plays well on both desktop and mobile versions.

Gonzo himself can be a bit annoying at certain stages of the game as he walks across the screen while you are playing and often distracts you for the task at hand.

Beauty of Simplicity

When you strip back all of the layers, Gonzo’s Quest is really a simple game at heart. By looking from the outside in it may look a bit hectic and complicated, but just because the graphics are great and busy doesn’t mean that the same is to be said about the actual game dynamic. The main two features Gonzo’s Quest has are the avalanche and the free spins.

Win Big with Impressive Multipliers

The Avalanche feature will see symbols explode as big rocks fall from the sky, opening room for new symbols and improving your win multiplier.This feature may cause you to miss out on triggering free spins from time to time, but the extra symbols added to the board combined with a growing multiplier should make up for the fact. Once you do finally trigger free spins, the fun begins as there is potentially a huge jackpot awaiting, with a huge $93,750 at the end of the rainbow if you reach the coveted 15x multiplier.

However, big wins will, naturally, only come so often, as the average return to player on Gonzos Quest is 96%.

Latest update on: 9. June, 2021

13 thoughts on “Gonzo’s Quest Review: Simple Yet Striking”

  1. I like this game because of the bonuses and big payout potential. The maximum I had was some months ago and it was luckily 250 times my bet. This NetEnt production has great graphics and sounds that keep my eyes open and steady on the tablet’s screen. The game clearly has much more opportunities to give however I would say the chances of those big wins are very low but possible.

  2. When I played this game for the first time a year ago I was pleased to see the magical performance of mine and as I never had a chance to play any slol from NETENT before, this one made the first experience interesting.
    Gonzo’s Quest was not as much popular as it is now and I was more like a fan of MICROGAMING at that time but the preferences really started asking for a change due to the love MICROGAMING’S continuous cloning of games. That was now creating boredom so I decided to play NETENT’s Gonzo after watching it somewhere online.
    This game has pleasant graphics and its welcome greetings for the players are also great. Besides base gameplay, there are interesting to see animations and above all is the dance of the Gonzo showing off at the side of the reels. Music of the game is also awesome so that particular combination actually caught my eyes the first time.
    There’s no doubt while playing a slot game the biggest concern is winning for everyone and for me as well. This one has a minimum bet of £0.20 per spin and that is obviously acceptable for a 20 payline game. One of the best parts of the game is that it doesn’t let you wait for the results that are really wanted. Only a few minutes given to this game can show that point if you are lucky.
    There are a lot of extra bonuses, free spins, multipliers and a maximum jackpot that multiplies the winnings by 2500 if you can get that. Once in a while I was lucky to hit 1000x the stake win bu there is more. The maximum potential is already discussed and this game makes everything possible I love it. It’s been almost an year now and I still play it with deep interest.

  3. Gonzo’s quest is loved by online gamblers and a proof of it is that many websites with Netent software have placed this game on their home page.
    I play it on BitStarz casino almost every week. I think I do not need any other game as this is already giving me what I need.
    There is no chance of getting bored and the fun is even more when I play in front of my friends. The most interesting part is the music and dance of animated Gonzo after every win.
    Keeping the money aside at least a slot game is making me smile at times for almost no cost. Everything is great but the payouts in game are just fine.

  4. Gonzo’s Quest is a 20-lined / 5-reeled slot and it is possibly one of the best slots by Net Entertainment software. Almost every casino that supports this platform has Gonzo in front. It has a RTP of 96% that is fair and it is also one of the reasons why casinos and players like this game.

    I like to play it because it has a good potential of awarding considerable prizes to the players. It looks very nice and I just love the wonderful crazy animations. It’s very nice to see the matching sounds and moves of the Gonzo during different end-combinations. The graphics, background and icons work is really very well done by the guys.

    There are regular multipliers of wins in this game. Payouts are worth mentioning as most of the times they are big due to the game’s unique multipliers. A kind of similar bonus feature is also there. It is avalanche multiplier that multiplies winning combinations by maximum of 5 and it happens too often.

    Another one is the difficult to trigger freespins feature. Im not inspired by this feature much because it rarely appears. Wins from the free spins were always nice but was able to see those only once in several sessions. Avalanche multiplier’s maximum was x15 during free spins and that was great. So the feature needs 3 scatter symbols on an active payline before coming live on screen. I had maximum of 1o but the game can award up to 20 to the luckiest ones out there.

    Wilds can also work as scatters here. 3 on a payline can award free spins but still at least 1 scatter also needs to be there. In spite of the wilds having power of substituting the scatters free spins feature seemed difficult to activate. Though I have no complaints about it and the game is still my favorite.

  5. Nothing so special except the visual features-sounds. I tried this game today because it’s famous everywhere in online casinos and forums. Balance went a bit low at the end……..

  6. A nice idea to create this video slot for users. Net Entertainment created this slot and as soon as they did the game became famous among slot gamblers. I like to play Gonzo’s Quest and I give a lot of my time to it. It looks very good and it always keeps the fun on. Theme of this game is a bit different from the other game and the way of making winning combinations is so nice. I dislike only a few things and other than those this game perfect.

    Winnings are always low mostly in a single figure. Bonuses are good especially the free spins that award fine multiplied pays. So I didnt have any large prize award from this game not even in any bonus round. However the paytable is good in a sense that it stays positive most of the times and that’s what I observed there. No need to be afraid of losing while playing Gonzo’s quest. So it’s a good game for beginners also…

  7. Gonzos quest is undoubtedly the most played game by netent as long as I am seeing it.
    It is everywhere.
    Netent casinos award extra bonuses on this game and thats what compelled me a year ago to try it out.
    Its a fine looking game with funny animations and soundtracks that will make you dance it you keep winning and in fact it has that potential of letting the players win.
    I dont see any slot better than the one that looks good and that pays good together.

  8. Music and graphics of this game just great. The winning symbols disappear to give chance of more wins and overall it gives massive wins to some lucky players. The game is based on gonzalo pizaro, a conqueror who is animated as gonzo in this slot. Don’t worry he won’t conquer here yet he dances and makes fun after a player wins.

    I have played gonzo many times probably more than I ever played another slot because it is fun. It is easily available and it has a nice paytable. That’s what I actually need from a slot so gonzos quest by netent has got it. It runs with 5 reels and 20 payline for players to set the bet range and then spin for a win or lose. The top symbols sometimes pay more than 100x bet and a session with wins like that certainly gives everything that I need. Wins are sometimes multiplied which in turn just kick the game balance to go up.

    The best features of this game I consider are the free spins and avalanche unique feature. In avalanche after every win the winning symbols break to form new symbols falling and giving respins with an even higher multiplier.

    Then after hitting 3 scatters on reels 1 2 3 free fall feature is triggered. This takes the player to golden area and this is very hard to get. During the free spins feature a gonzo player can get all the maximum wins. They are much more paying than the base game. So sure try it if you think

  9. A wonderful slot game is Gonzo’s Quest by Net Entertainment. My first few sessions with this video slot were really nothing like I expected but it started showing magic soon enough.

    Like the other games it can be horrifying during a losing streak but unlike the other slot games there are so many options to get paid in Gonzo’s Quest. There are wild wins, free spins, multipliers and extra bonuses. I also like the animations, graphics and music of this game. It’s nowhere boring.

    My review on the first day of playing Gonzo’s Quest would have been a bad one but now I don’t have any wrongs to point out. So it’s a must play game I recommend.

  10. I play gonzos quest it is a nice game by netent. It has a very common pattern of 5×3 blocks and 20 paylines. The main feature in the game is avalanche multipliers which are x1 x2 x3 and x5. It is activated after every win. The winning symbols collapse to add new symbols during this feature. The main win doesn’t get the multiplier as it is a x1 but the second third and fourth consecutive wins are multiplied by 2 3 and 5. The feature stops after the fourth win and it’s usually a prize that you desire.

    Avalanche and free spins are the only features in this game but I like this game more than the others with lots of features. Free spins are difficult in gonzo because of the late landing of free fall symbols. I only depend on main feature 3x or higher. Avalanche is tripled during free spins and it would be great if those symbols land in normal pace.

  11. Heard about gonzo’s quest? sure you have. But you don’t know that the much famous slot from netent software has no wins. Before choosing a slot to play I see reviews. Before reviews I see the videos of wins that now I doubt if they’re even real.

    the 5 reel 20 line game has a funny character that’ll only make you happy with his moves but not the wins. Good graphics but that’s not all that we players need.

    The base game simply is zero. You can’t expect a good win in the base game. A considerable win lands after ages if you fail to activate the free falls. It’s another challenge because that bonus just seems impossible to me. And in that case you’ll lose very fast here. Take your chances!

  12. If someone asks me about the best games by this software Netent, I would say Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.
    Gonzo’s quest has 5 reels and 2o paylines.
    It has a 96% RTP.
    The game’s availability inspires me the most. So many online casinos offer no deposit or deposit free spins for gonzo’s quest or starburst but starburst comes alone many times.
    Gonzo’s best feature is the multiplier feature. If you’re lucky to get 4 consecutive wins at any phase of the game a big amount can be won depending on the combinations. The multipliers are x1, x2, x3 and x5 for every win in the game. Whenever you have a big win the gonzo catches the coins with his hat and I love that movement.
    Free spin features of this game can give even bigger wins but I don’t name them the best because they are activated after quite a lot of time. When it activates the Gonzo walks inside into the reels which is always another good looking movement by him. Free spins also have the multiplier feature that time even better with maximum as x15. I always end up with at least 50x my bet with 10 free falls.
    This game is worth playing and if you have budget then you can play it for many big wins make it your best slot game.

  13. Gonzo’s quest by netent is a dead game overrated by many people mainly due to its free fall feature. Some people are believed to have been playing it for years and are still winning a lot of money but that doesn’t make any sense to me. The game’s win/lose ratio per spin is extremely bad. Sometimes 10 spins go dead and sometimes if you’re lucky enough, you’ll only be able to recover only your deposited money over a period of many hours, as I was able to do, but without winning more than a penny.

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