The Wish Master: Netent Online Casino Slot

At the mention of the title ‘The Wish Master’, one could instantly be reminded of the 1997 fantasy-horror movie Wishmaster, which was quite a bit scary. When you enter this online video slot by Net Entertainment, you will first think it might be related to the movie, but don’t worry. This is an old idea with a new outlook – a wish master that grants wishes and can make anybody wealthy.

This is truly a magical video slot. The short opening sequence takes you into a cave in the desert that houses the 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. It is also home to many marvelous and exciting bonus features that the Wish Master offers, along with many multipliers and Wilds that make almost any combination a winning one. This online gambling slot will provide the perfect experience with its web-based platform that can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Continue reading “The Wish Master: Netent Online Casino Slot”

Piggy Riches Online Casino Slot

If you ask yourself what can make any animal look more sophisticated except a pair of glasses, the answer is a top hat and a lot of money. While playing online slots, you want to visualize the wealth and massive amounts of cash that are supposed to come your way. This is made a lot easier with Net Entertainment’s Piggy Riches, a fun and unique online slot that will richly award the player that can use the pigs to his advantage.

This lavishly decorated game has 5 reels and 15 paylines, and a lot of wealthy pigs on the reels. NetEnt’s creative developers went for a mix of fancy slot and piggish luxury. It will lure you in with cash dripping all over the place. Each symbol is ornamented with gold and then even more gold. There are symbols like a fancy rich pig with a top hat as the game’s Wild and an elegant female pig as the Scatter symbol, sacks full of gold coins, piggy banks exploding with cash, gold credit cards with pigs on the front and many more. Continue reading “Piggy Riches Online Casino Slot”

Best NetEnt slots for different currencies

When it comes to slots and deciding which options are best for your needs, a lot of different variables come into the equation. One big way to differentiate between the hundreds and thousands of slots games that are out there on the market today is whether you prefer the more classical type of slot machines or never, video slots.

Usually the more classical types of slots will have 3 reels whereas the video slots will have 5 reels. You also will want to look at the amount of pay lines a game may have. This is because you may have preferences for games that have small variances meaning that you are able to win a lot or games on the opposite end of the spectrum whereby it is harder to win but the potential for more substantial one off returns is greater.

Return to player percentages is another key variable that you need to look at. Return to Player percentages or RTPs are important when it comes to making money over time with online slots. While a lot of people play these games purely for the enjoyment aspect of them, others like to make some decent cash while doing so.

The higher the RTP value is, the greater the chance of you winning will be. This value balances out the short term variance to give you an independently measured assessment of the RTP over the long run.

Therefore common sense dictates that you want to play games that have the highest RTP as possible. Obviously no game is going to have a RTP of 100% or else the house will not have an edge.

Any RTP higher than 98.5% is pretty unbelievable whereas the 98% range is superb. Anything around 94-95% is generally acceptable.

Therefore you should be more than happy with the couple of dozen slots that have an RTP of 98% as that is really the best that you can possibly expect to get or else the casinos will be bankrupt within days of launching a close to 100% RTP game. Continue reading “Best NetEnt slots for different currencies”

Eggomatic: Netent Online Casino Slot

The Swedish online casino slot developers Net Entertainment are famous for their video slots that incorporate superb visuals, astounding audio and exciting gameplay. Their newest addition to their expanding catalog Eggomatic is a fantastic looking game that is among the company’s top games when it comes to visuals and innovative content. You can enjoy the 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed paylines, with 10 betting levels on almost all operating systems, just like with most of Net Entertainment’s online video slots.

The age-old question what came first, the chicken or the egg, can be finally answered in this amazing game. The online slot starts with an original opening scene where we are introduced to the game’s main theme – a factory that produces robot chicken from metal eggs. It has 5 metal chicks in blue, red, brown, green and pink, and 5 robot chicken of the same colours. The entire game takes place in a factory with a conveyor belt that produces these chicken eggs. It is a mix between mad scientists and steampunk, only with chicken. Continue reading “Eggomatic: Netent Online Casino Slot”

Disco Spins Online Casino Slot: Enjoy The Groove

While most young people weren’t part or can’t remember the disco music scene back in the 1970s, the impact disco has left on the world can still be felt today. Disco music is still somewhat popular today, and is featured in many movies and TV shows, especially after the huge popularity of That 70s Show. So it wouldn’t surprise that a successful online slot developer like Net Entertainment would create a game that features the best of the disco world.

Enter the world of Disco Spins, a fantastic and entertaining online slot that features 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 fixed paylines and a variety of colorful, fancy big-headed characters dressed in disco overalls shaking it to the funky and playful music in the background. It is probably hard not to get nostalgic if you happened to be part of that time, but don’t despair, Disco Spins is coming to the rescue.

A Dis-Colorful Design

When I say disco, you say whatever comes to your mind, alright?! Unfortunately, I’m not telepathic, but still, I imagine you would say that strobe lights, disco balls and a magic dance floor are all part of what you were thinking. The deep blue background is the perfect backdrop for the disco dance floor in the front, which is also where the reels spins and the characters dance off in the blue, red, yellow, green and purple overalls. They character all feature the classic 70s hairstyles.

This all wouldn’t be half as entertaining without the funky and mesmerizing background theme that will easily make you swing and dance will spinning the reels. Winning combos are accompanied by special sound effects with even more authentic funky disco music with cool bass lines. There is no way you won’t enjoy each spin and each win with a soundtrack likes this. Continue reading “Disco Spins Online Casino Slot: Enjoy The Groove”

Diamond Dogs Online Casino Slot: Are You A Dog Person?

There is an everlasting discussion among fans of online slots, on whether there are more slots dedicated to cats or dogs. And while it depends on what you prefer visually and whether you are a dog or cat person, there is a fair share of both animals represented in online casino slots. Both animals use their paws to try and get winning combos, but most often we pick dogs to bring us luck and fortune.

Net Entertainment is ever so ready to bring you a new and exciting online slot, and this time their newest addition to their catalog features man’s best friend in Diamond Dogs, a flashy, diamond-sparkling 5-reel and 3-row slot with 25 fixed paylines. All symbols are either dogs or fancy dog-related items, covered in gold and diamonds. This might just be the most gold-covered online slot out there. Continue reading “Diamond Dogs Online Casino Slot: Are You A Dog Person?”

Hall of Gods by NetEnt – Better than any Thunderstruck?

From the Swedish developers of fun and entertainment comes, unsurprisingly, a casino slot with a lot of power and might, with gods and beasts, with magic and mystery. Net Entertainment do it once again and present us with an online casino slot full of Norse mythology, gods and fortune.

The background setting for this slot is a Norse longboat facing a dangerous serpent, but the adventurous journey is in the forefront, where the Norse gods Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya and Idun battle in your favor to bring you a great paytable, the concept of gods fighting deeply rooted in Norse mythology and traditions. Continue reading “Hall of Gods by NetEnt – Better than any Thunderstruck?”

NetEnt’s Frankenstein: How legendary is that one?

Just like the legendary doctor Frankenstein, NetEnt have brought a mysterious and frightening creature back to life with Frankenstein in the form of online casino slot, a game that will without a doubt bring both fun and excitement to players.

This is another mutual effort between NetEnt and Universal Studios that brings to life another great online casino slot, full of appealing images and graphics, without forgetting to pay attention to great wins and enjoyment during every play. In the vein of Dracula, this promises to keep you playing.

NetEnt’s Frankenstein online slot is not the newest casino slot you can come across, but it will stand the test of time like Shelly’s Frankenstein, being both enjoyable and exciting, with payouts that award those who dare challenge Frankenstein’s monster. Continue reading “NetEnt’s Frankenstein: How legendary is that one?”

The new Dracula Netent Slot: Draculas on the rise again

Cinema-like entertainment

Swedish casino games developer giant Net Entertainment awards its fans with another exciting horror-themed online slot that will both fascinate and frighten you at the same time. Based on the original Dracula movie and on Bram Stoker’s novel, the Dracula slot starts with an animated intro that could have easily been from a modern vampire movie. A swarm of bats follows a girl through the empty streets and before it captures its prey, we enter the game. No wonder the animation is so advanced and captures the player’s attention. NetEnt teamed up with Universal Studios to create a slot game that will entertain both movie fans and friends of video slots alike. Continue reading “The new Dracula Netent Slot: Draculas on the rise again”

Fantasini Master of Mystery – Exactly how mysterious is it?

Illusion is the only form of magic that we are sure exists. Fantasini: Master Of Mystery, is the absolute master of this ancient art, and the NetEnt slot is one that will constantly keep you asking yourself what will happen next, much like a good illusionist’s show.

While the game may lack many of the gameplay features so many slots players are used to seeing in modern video slots, there is just something special about playing Fantasini: Master Of Mystery and knowing that every spin of the wheels may be the one that gives you that next huge payout.

Keep reading and find out how Fantasini: Master Of Mystery slot works and what chances you have of getting a big payday while playing the game. Continue reading “Fantasini Master of Mystery – Exactly how mysterious is it?”