Big Bang by Netent – the beginning of everything

Sci-fi fans who like to gamble on their spare time will fall in love with Big Bang. The awesome 25 payline slot by NetEnt is one of the most fun and possibly the most lucrative slot games out there. The game brings new gameplay features such as free spins and bonus rounds with incredible progressive multipliers which increase with every consecutive winning spin.

Knowing this you could be winning huge sums of money for simply winning a few spins in a row and let’s face it, that’s not too hard to achieve. The massive multiplier that can be achieved with just several consecutive payouts completely makes up for the lack of the more usual gameplay features.

Exciting Outer Space Theme

Big Bang is a graphically impressive video slot game created by one of the finest online slots producers, NetEnt. The common slots symbols such as the numbers and letters from playing cards are present along with the incredibly well designed planets symbols which are the main theme of the game. The extraordinary graphics of the slot makes us feel like the pictures came straight from interstellar bodies and not from the minds of the NetEnt’s fantastic art team.

The game really brings the modern feel you would expect from a sci-fi game and the flashing lights of the progressive multipliers meter make the game all the more exciting. Keep playing and watch the meter fill up as you progress through the multiple stages of your multiplier, reaching the x32 multiplier after 6 consecutive wins.

NetEnt will take you to outer space and back in every session of the Big Bang online casino slot, with a massive chance of scoring big even without any major jackpots available. The consistent high payouts are what the game is all about and you can expect quite a different gameplay experience when compared to other online casino slots.

Charge The Meter For Stellar Payouts

Big Bang is a cool and fun video slot game as it provides frequent payouts. There is no need to wait for free spins or bonus rounds to happen, as the game pays on a regular basis through normal paylines. The payouts are further increased through the ever increasing multiplier, which goes up to x32 with every consecutive spin which pays out any winnings.

Winning cold hard cash has never been so fun before as you can now do it surrounded by the stars. The beautiful colors and shapes of the universe will keep you on the edge along with the spectacular sound effects as you make your way toward the maximum multiplier and the highest paying paylines in the game.

So if you enjoy sci-fi movies and shows about outer space and interstellar travel and you enjoy occasionally delving into gambling games, Big Bang by NetEnt is exactly the type of slot you will enjoy spending your hours with. Enjoy travelling the universe on your quest to the ultimate multiplier and that one major score to propel you to the stars.

Latest update on: 12. December, 2020

2 thoughts on “Big Bang by Netent – the beginning of everything”

  1. Big Bang by Netent is a slot game that everyone should try. It’s no best but as far as I can see no slot can be perfect and in fact this is gambling. The space theme of this game looks really good to me and I really enjoy playing slots with such a theme. I think it’s among only a few games that feature space symbols like planets, burning sun and more together. Other than this I can only remember space wars by the similar developer. The low paying card symbols of game are also placed in a colorful and different way with sparkles behind. So I find this game as totally different from the other Netent slots. It’s nice to have.

    The game’s availability is fine. Almost every Netent casino offers it but Bet365 being an attention seeker showed this to me for the first. The casino’s frequent pop ups in my browser advertised the Big Bang with bonuses which made me decide to give a try to this good looking game. I wanted to spend only a few $s on it because what I saw on few forums made a negative image of this game. All in all I dont regret my decision to play it.

    Big Bang has a basic 5 reel and 25 line structure with some features that can be extremely rewarding such as the one that multiplies the wins up to 32x. It’s a multiplier meter on the overall left side of the screen that multiplies every win with the most frequent value 1 and then 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32x as maximum which is great if you keep getting it. I had 8 a couple of times in my sessions. The paytable here is undoubtedly great if things goes positively which means no losing streak comes in the way which is absolutely dependent on luck. I won nice amounts with from this game but there was nothing like big. A few 32x wins could be it but that never happened lol.

    Everything is good here but there are no free spins which must have been there. I did not feel a need for them while playing but the addition could have been a pro. So rest is all great…

  2. Big bangs a good looking game with 5 reels and 25 lines but unfortunately it only looks good on the screen. There’s no such good inside and well I played it for a couple of days in my way which is starting with the lowest bet and then progressing if the game proves to be worthy. Wins were fine in the start and so the balance stayed in a little plus. Earlier I though there might be the big win chances in this space themed game because it seems unique and I haven’t seen much slot games like this one. Later discovered that there are no bonus features or even if there is any I didn’t get it at any session. And no free spins to cover the little ups and downs during the play.
    So theres nothing much good to talk about it. Im disappointed for the first time with Netent

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