The Wild Chase Review: Sophisticated Yet Refreshingly Gritty

There is little doubt in anyoneThis is where The Wild Chase is situated and there is plenty of action to be had on the streets.

Refreshing Twist on Jaded Theme

Sometimes the theme of the good life can become a bit boring over time. Despite the fact, some game developers still manage to do it just right when designing games featuring this theme.In other instances, however, they come up with games which are just tasteless and boring.

Thankfully, the folks at Quickspin managed to do a good job when it came to the development of The Wild Chase. There are parts of it where there are glamorous people while other parts are a bit grittier. Think of it like an Ocean’s 11 theme, you get the good life while still living in the Fastlane of a crew of thieves..

Interesting Bonus Games

The game, featuring 25 paylines, features sticky wins, which means there will be a free re-spin every time you connect a winning line, building up your winnings.

This is relatively new when it comes to this type of game and is frankly refreshing.

Wilds are also very important, as these will multiply all your wins.

You can expect to win big primarily during bonus round and when you trigger free spins. You are nearly guaranteed to get a win and a subsequent re-spin when you are given 10 free spins. There is no scenario in which you donThe odds are good of you getting at least x30 your bet back in winnings, but it does become tough to reach more than x50 your bet.

There are diamonds hidden in the rough however with this game, so the potential to win big is always lurking in the background.

Latest update on: 12. December, 2020

8 thoughts on “The Wild Chase Review: Sophisticated Yet Refreshingly Gritty”

  1. 5 reels slot with respin as the main feature that is triggered by every winning combination I played this last week in Bet365 Casino and fortunately my favourite feature ended after the winning streak of 7 it helped me in increasing the balance to about $70 followed by the deposit of only $25
    I stopped at that point but surely need to play this game again whenever I come back to Bet365

  2. Wild chase is a latest slot game with kinda romantic theme and interesting layout. If anyone would ask me to rate this game I will give 3 outta 5 as there are really a lot of fairs and darks. I would like to say that this latest creation from Quickspin is unstable. You can never be sure about what this game can give and what can it take.
    It has a setting of 5 x 3 reels with 25 winning lines. So here is a bit about what happened yesterday.
    I played this slot at betvictor casino yesterday, spent 4-5 long hours and ended up with a zero in hand. The loss wasn’t big but I am surely going to regret my decision of not requesting a payout after having a pretty big win when free spins were triggered. I continued playing and one of the bads is that the free spins just ran away after that win and never came back even when they were supposed to.
    Free spins round is quite different in this slot. They are actually triggered when 3 bonus symbols appear at once. This must happen during the respins so that makes it one of the main features. I was only lucky to do it once in hours. In every free spin round I got a wild symbol and that I guess is a compulsory feature of the game: showing a wild during a free spin.
    That respin feature actually allows the players to spin again for making a winning combination until another one is formulated. I found that the respins were also increasing the chance of landing wild symbols that multiplied the wins by 1, 2, 3x as per the number wilds appearing.
    It is a fine game and I somehow don’t know what is going to happen next time. On the other hand, I am also not sure if I am going to play this again.

  3. Quickspin software has to think more than just thrilling the environment by good screens and sounds. I have played this slot several times so just wanted to leave a review for others.

    I didn’t like the game’s maximum multiplier. It is only x5 and still getting it is bit difficult. I hardly managed to have wilds on the reels though x4 multiplier spins were regular.

    Its re-spin feature is good as possibilities of winning are increased by re-spinning, keeping the already landed winning symbols steady. Bonus symbols can be collected during re-spins but that too is difficult in fact.

    There are good free spins rounds but they are also difficult to trigger as three or more scatters can rarely be collected in a single spin. I finally want to admit that I just could not win more than peanuts from Wild Chase. Nothing else!

  4. This slot was created by Quickspin software in 2016. So Im playing it from about 4 to 5 months ago and now have some things to say and suggest. One thing to know about it is that the developer based this game on a romantic theme inspiring couples and relations. It has attractive graphics and music tracks that can really be felt by the players. Truth is that you dont see such high quality graphics in slot machines but here they are of course, Quickspin takes care of their games in this way.

    Wild chase has 5 reels and 25 paylines, featuring symbols of attractive guys and gals, rings, watches, cash and more. I dont play this game for a living of course not it cant award big wins in any way. Only the respins do some favour while active. Top symbols also land during this feature and free spins can also be triggered because bonus symbols can also land here. So only after completing the respins you can expect a good win.

    I can never think of anything above $100 after playing for that much time. But the game is still among the top and it is easily found on good online casinos. It is joyful though. Smart developers made it joyful for the players. But everyone should try!!

  5. wild chase is like microgaming’s immortal romance slot but there is nothing good about winnings. i lost interest to it only in a couple of sessions. winnings are not good and it really lacks some required slot features…

  6. I like the music of this game. Its symbols look good. The background is rough and it is created by Quickspin. The Wild Chase Slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines.

    I played it last week but it was a very rough starting. The very first couple of spins gave me nothing that means no winning appeared and I lost 2-3 euros while playing at 1 euro bet. In the very next spin I got the big X wild that sounded hope. That was a win and then the re-spin feature was automatically activated. This feature activates after every winning combination. So after that spin with wild and the two connecting re-spins guess what I got. Only 0.8 euros. I was disappointed because that could have been should have been a much big win. I started again by increasing the bet to 1.25 but still a few spins went dead and then came another win by three woman symbols appearing on consecutive reels. That was a 1 euro win and the overall balance was still in minus.

    And after all that rough starting I was just hating my decision to play this slot. Then I decided to kick it off because only a couple of euros were left from my deposit of 20. Now was the time to be happy. I suddenly got a 28.5 euro win and this time the first combination was same as the one in that 0.80 euro win. Got the wild but in the re-spin I got the bonus symbol and the wild again. It was then another re-spin with another wild and the bonus symbol it all looked good I was then just excited to see what it gives now. I thought at least 10 should be it but when the re-spin feature ended it was a 28.5 which made me think and continue to play this slot.

    Now I’m having a good time playing the wild chase from time to time. One thing about it is that the winning combinations just too hardly appear. But at least 1 in 10 spins a good win lands. Wild pays the most until now. The standard symbols and their winnings are just very bad. I also failed to land 3 bonus symbols until now so don’t know what happens with the free spins. Best feature of this game is the re-spins and I think I had max 4 re-spins after a winning.

    Max win that I have until now was the same 28.5 at 1.5 bet. I got some 20 euro wins. I suggest to play this slot at lowest bet because most of the spins go dead. Anyways in spite of having a good time I don’t plan to play any other slot by quickspin because they really lack the good bonus features. The wild chase is yet good. Try your luck!!

  7. The wild chase was created by Quickspin and it’s the only Quickspin game that I like. It has a nice arrangement of 5 reels and 25 paylines and I play this game frequently for the wins that it give. This game is filled with some nice looking, rich, expensive symbols. It looks even better with the sounds during play.

    Some of the wins are big and the most, regular spins have a little above the bet wins. Some go dead and sometimes the losing streaks can also be large so this game needs time and at the end it leaves me with good balance.

    I see a Big X as the highest paying symbol. It’s the Wild and it replaces all the symbols except the Bonus symbol of this game. It can multiply the wins after every winning combination with Big X.

    Re-spin feature is always activated whenever we win and during that feature the awarding symbols get locked while the others spin again until the feature is over and no win takes place.

    Free spins are awarded by bonus symbols and they too give good wins. Overall, this game performs very well with these bonuses. I like it.

  8. Hanishchoksi888

    I played the wild chase by quickspin today. It’s a nice looking game. As some people notice it the graphics and music of this game is good but the thing that made me leave a review is the wins. First I was happy to get the wins that were being awarded because the respin feature was very good. I got a line of rings and then the win symbols stopped while the others moved. I got the wild that completed the win of 8 euros. I was feeling a good starting but soon I noticed that this is a slot game and not a cric match where the performance of players improve after being set and in form. Anyways a hour passed and my balance was still there where it was in the starting. Precisely 7 euro less than the deposit.

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