Nirvana Slot By Yggdrasil

Achieving Nirvana has long been the goal of many masters of the ancient arts of meditation and Buddhist monks and now the online casino players can have a chance at a Nirvana of their own, achieved not through meditation but through spinning the reels on one of the exciting slot machines by Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil slots have been nothing but groundbreaking since first appearing on the market and the visual and audio effects of Nirvana will leave you speechless. If you were searching for a slot that will help you relax while also giving you a realistic chance at a major win, you are in the right place.

Nirvana is a 20 payline slot machine with 5 reels and symbols that resonate zen and calm. The gameplay in Nirvana can be as fast as you need it to be and the spectacularly done graphics make it a true joy to play.

Nirvana Slot Features

In terms of features, Nirvana is fairly straight forward. In order to trigger the free spins feature, player will need to stop two, three, four or five Free Spins symbols. Two symbols start one free spin with a random feature, while three or more symbols trigger 10 free spins.

During free spins, the player gets to choose between one of the three features. These include Wild Seeds, Mega Reel and Nudge Reels, all common features of online slots. If you get to extend the free spins by stopping more Free Spins symbols, you get additional features and it is possible to have all three features active during your free spins, for some truly massive wins.

Each of the features in Nirvana free spins gives you a different chance at extension, big wins or regular wins and the slot actually tells you which way you may end up going based on which feature you choose. For instance, choosing the Nudge Reels gives you the best chance at extension, while Wild Seeds guarantees the most winning lines.

The Wild symbol also appears in the game, substituting for all other symbols and increasing the potential for major payouts. There are no additional features in Nirvana, but the free spins can really pay quite handsomely, especially when re-triggered twice for maximum feature power.

Nirvana Slot Graphics And Audio

In terms of the audiovisual identity, Nirvana is definitely one of the most relaxing and calming slots you will ever have a chance to encounter. From the relaxing background music that resonates zen to the graphical elements that will somehow remind you of order and peace, the Nirvana slot makes for an experience you may not be used to with online gambling.

If you were on the lookout for a slot that will help you calm your nerves instead of tear them apart, Nirvana by Yggdrasil is an excellent choice. The slot was made specifically to keep you relaxed and help you get away from the everyday stress that work and other things can cause so lay back and enjoy this fabulous creation and who knows, you may just win some big bucks in the process.

Latest update on: 12. December, 2020

5 thoughts on “Nirvana Slot By Yggdrasil”

  1. Nirvana is a very fine slot game by Yggdrasil software. This company comes into the competition with a few of their total developments and this game is one of the few because it’s good on winnings. It looks good with the animations but the colours are dull. Firstly I was surprised to see this kind of a game by this developer because it is known for making rocking games that catch viewers. But on the other hand the joy here as said before is winnings. I like the music and this slot is sometimes just joy. However it’s never perfect as no slot can be.

    The layout is customary. 5 reels and 20 paylines. The low paying symbols are card suits similar to those in other Yggdrasil created games and high paying symbols include a wild symbol which is green gem and the scatter symbol which is pink flower. Gameplay is kinda simple. Before playing this game just don’t forget to have a look at the bet max button because it’s just beside the spin’s. Accidental selection of that one can lose it all.

    Well winnings are good in the base game but sometimes bonuses can also help. Bonus features are difficult to activate. So simple but difficult. 3 scatter symbols are needed to trigger free spins bonus. The round is actually activated by 2 scatter symbols as well but that’s of no use to player as only 1 spin is awarded. I managed to have 3 sometimes but 2 many times. 3 symbols award 10 free spins. 4 and 5 scatter symbols which are almost impossible to land together give 1000 and 5000 coins respectively along with 10 free spins. I will adore such an amazing scatter symbol as long as it appears and gives its awards fully. Sometimes the luck comes first but other times the symbols takes ages to come.

    The highest paying symbol is still the wild which is related to highest paying features that just cover the loss right away. Wild seeds is that feature which adds extra wilds to reels and this feature is further supported by mega reel feature and a nudge reels feature. And still there’s much more being offered. Unbelievable for me it was in the start because I didn’t expected the features and win potential to be this much good. On the whole, this slot is worth worth playing a lot!!!!!!

  2. I play Nirvana slot frequently and much luckily it gives me many wins. I saw this game some months ago in one of the online casinos where I play. It is created by Yggdrasil software and it is also very well worth trying.

    The arrangement is 5 reels 3 rows and 20 paylines. There are bonus features and the game hides for the lucky people some big wins in those features. The biggest I had was around 200x which was just great. There are the good free spins as well and some additional amazing prices triggered by the scatter symbol. There’s nothing much that I miss in Nirvana. The slot is just complete.

    Con: This game was created back in 2015 or before I guess but still the mobile version isn’t available or it isn’t supported by the apps. Having a mob version could have been great..

  3. Nirvana slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is a popular slot with so many good reviews by the players at places wherever the game resides. I think this game is good because of the looks that the Yggdrasil software has designed but overall the winning potential is not so good. Paytable isn’t fair and whenever I tried this game my balance ended up with some minuses.

    There are some feature as I heart but unfortunately activating them seems too difficult so I keeping this in mind I always quit nirvana after playing for just some minutes..

  4. Fun looks and music. I like this slot game because it looks great and in fact Yggdrasil software made it. It’s my favorite slot gaming software. Nirvana is not my favorite game but in recent months no other slot game has inspired me as much as this one has.

    It contains a pretty variety of winning symbols. Even the lower value card suits look good when they make up a win after sparking. Wild and scatter symbols are also present. A winning streak isn’t possible in nirvana and that’s the only reason for this game losing some points in my review. I don’t remember more than 2 consecutive wins from any feature.

    Payouts are nice but hidden. That means nice wins will appear but from time to time unlike some slot game with a huge winning potential. Big wins are also possible in nirvana but play it carefully to get all the features and then the balance will surely go way up from the start.

    I didn’t see multiplied wild wins but all of them were great in the base game. Free spins give some very good wins with some additional features that are simply fun. Free spins are difficult to trigger otherwise they are my best feature in this game.

    Overall some great work has been done to make this slot game. I liked almost every feature. So my vote is positive for nirvana!

  5. Nirvana is my favorite Yggdrasil slot. It looks very nice although the colors are a bit clumsy. I play Nirvana and most of the time it gives me more than $100 in total wins in spite of playing with no more than $1 in the stake table.
    I was first introduced with this game in one of the online casinos where I usually play. Nirvana is very straightforward. The sound of this game impressed me first.
    It is 5 reels 3 rows and 20 paylines. The gameplay is fast indeed and it helps me to play joyfully. Here I know, in order to trigger the free spins feature; I will need to stop two, three, four or five Free Spins symbols. The feature two symbols start one free spin with a random feature; while three or more symbols trigger 10 free spins to attract me a lot.
    Bonuses of this game are impressive but difficult for a few tries. The game asks for some time. According to me the win potential is satisfactory as long as the main game is concerned while the bonuses are ‘bonuses’ you know. You can’t rely on them but they’re good sometimes.
    Overall for Nirvana is a relaxing game and playing it never makes me bored. Despite having drawbacks this game should be a good choice.

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