Orient Express Online Casino Slot: All Aboard Orient Express

If a luxurious train would happen to ride by you and a friendly face would invite you for a ride, would you hop on? Would you care to join the Orient Express for an adventurethat you will never forget? Don’t answer straight away. First, have a look at what Yggdrasil Gaming has in store for you and make sure to travel light.

For those who had their fair share of train-themed online slots I have to say this – Orient Express is like no other game you have seen before. Yes, it has the basic 5-reel, 3-row structure, with 20 fixed paylines, but other than that, it has an entirely new concept which takes you on an amazing journey with 4 different game modes, each modelled after a different European city, each with its own special features. Already I can see you hardly resisting the game’s pull.

The A-Train to the A-Game

The amazing intro sequence will immediately let you know that Yggdrasil is not here to play around. Rather, they have based this game on a luxurious 19th century long-distance passenger train, the interior of which is superbly well animated and extremely detailed. As you go in the train ride, you have a look through a large window which will let you enjoy the cityscapes of the world. The cartoonish graphics are just another well executed trait of the marvelous graphics that make this game so much more enjoyable.

The relaxing and overall entertaining soundtrack will take you away and leave all your worries at home. The music is made to be both enjoyed and not to disturb you while you spin the reels. And as the train moves on through different cities, so eventually the soundtrack chances, making it a lot more authentic and eventful. It’s one of the most leisure and casual soundtracks ever in an online slot.

Let’s Go For A Ride

Orient Express features 4 distinct game modes within the game. Your initial starting point is always Paris, with the train travelling to another city after completing the Free spins bonus round. After Paris, the train goes to Venice, then Belgrade, and eventually Istanbul. Upon reaching Istanbul as its final destination, the game will then let you choose your favorite city after completing a Free spins bonus round.

Each of the 4 cities has their distinct features:

  • Paris and the Walking Wilds – While you are in Paris, Walking Wilds will appear randomly on top of symbols when the reels come to a stop. This awards you with a respin and moves the Wild to the left with each spin. You are awarded respins as long as there is 1 Walking Wild on the reels.
  • Venice and the Multiplier Clock – The Multiplier Clock will appear when you finally arrive in Venice, when you win you receive a multiplier. During the base game the multipliers go from 2x to 5x, and during Free spins the 2x-5x multiplier is in effect for all wins.
  • Belgrade and the Wild Reels – When you come to Belgrade, a small train will drive from the right to the left-hand side. This gives you a Wild reel on each reel it stops. During the base game reels 1-3 can become Wild, and during Free spins, reel 1-3 definitely become Wild reels.
  • Istanbul and Random Wilds – Upon finally reaching Istanbul, a postcard will fly onto a random symbol and turn it into a Wild. Random Wilds will not appear atop Free spin or Wild symbols. During the base game, anywhere from 2 to 12 symbols get turned into Wilds, and during the Free spins you can earn anywhere between 2 to 12 random Wilds with each spin.

A Pleasurable Experience

As you’ve already come to expect from Yggdrasil Gaming, Orient Express is a cool and exciting online slot that will not let you down. Its fascinating graphics, playful soundtrack and special features will make sure of that, no matter where you go.

Latest update on: 25. February, 2021

2 thoughts on “Orient Express Online Casino Slot: All Aboard Orient Express”

  1. Orient Express is a latest slot game by Yggdrasil gaming. I played it just yesterday and decided to give a review. This game is based on the luxury passenger train of the nineteenth century because the introduction video contained the train its luxuries and the passengers. The introduction made me search about the real orient express.

    Game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The graphics of the game are as good as they should be in 2017. Yggdrasil gaming always takes care of the visual features. The music is good. You can just turn this game on with your laptop or mobile phone and listen to the music. It is like a ancient type of drum music played continuously until you click the spin. Spinning reels play another nice music track and when they come to stop the original music is played again. I liked the music. I also liked its graphics. The background is nice with animated Eiffel Tower and clouds.

    Anyways the good wins came from the walking wilds. The wild gentleman landed on the fifth reel and moved one space left while the other reels kept on spinning and the wins were being added to total. Luckily I got two other wilds during spins and they prolonged the sequence. The win was €17.9 at the end and I was playing with €1 at that time. This thing worked worked in the same way as Jack and the Beanstalk by Netent except for a multiplier of 3x during the Netent feature.

    The wins in the main game are very good but there was one bad sign the game’s only bonus feature of free spins wasn’t activated. I didn’t manage to land 3 scatter symbols in almost one hour. 3 scatters give 7 free spins and 5 give 30 free spins but it seems like the the third free spin symbol is too difficult to land. But still it was a good experience.

  2. Cool game orient express with 5 reels and 20 paylines but not so many big wins. Very difficult here but I still like to play this game from time to time. It’s really a new addition to Yggdrasil’s portfolio and now most of the times these days I even make sure before joining a casino that it has this game fully supported.

    The sounds are like that of the ancient India with those light, touching beats. It’s worth listening while spinning the reels for the chances. Based on a classical train, this game uses four different modes that are actually the cities where you move from time to time. It’s a more than interesting feature but still, you don’t expect anything huge even after reaching Istanbul. Well, that’s something you need to find out by playing this game.

    Multipliers, walking wilds and the wild reels are the main bonuses of this game all with a good, high chance of triggering but wins are always just below delighting but fine enough for a good time. The lovely one is walking wild where you see the old man walking one step left side until he reaches the reel 1. 2 to 3 wilds if you’re a lucky one easily make it 30x+ and more than that depends on what you bet. I usually get the walking wild in 1 out of 3 spins so that’s what you should look for here. Cool games!

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