Best Quickspin Slots for High rollers with 25€ or more per spin

Quickspin is very known in the entire world for being one of the elite creators of video slots. They are always pressing the button when it comes to innovation and they constantly test the boundaries of what is possible with their latest games. They ensure that their titles are of a high quality and they focus on making the games enjoyable for those who are playing them.

They originally started as a Swedish based company and they produce games for both the online gambling industry and the free top play social side of things. They have a strategy in places that focuses on their customers rather than just profit. Their games are always worth playing and this is why they have achieved the level of success that they have so far to date.

Every year since they first launched the have gone from strength to strength with the size of their customer base. They have created some of the best video slots games that have ever been seen. This is largely thanks to the many years of experience that their team has had when it comes to the online gaming industry and their management take the creation of slots games very seriously.

Unique features of the games developed by Quickspin

The aim of the development team at Quickspin is to create titles that focus on quality over quantity. In comparison to other big players in the industry, you will not see rafts of titles being pushed out from the team at Quickspin. They know that not every player is going to want to play hundreds or thousands of different slots, rather people tend to play the ones they like again and again over the long run.

Each game that the team at Quickspin release, the aim is that is becomes the player’s favourite title out of them all.

Quickspin and their high roller slots selection with 25€ or more per spin

Quickspin have a number high roller slots selections with 25€ or more per spin that you can decide to play. Here are a couple of them:

Treasure Island

This title is based on a premise that most people will be well aware of and is one of the most played online slots in the world today. There are many different features that make up this game so it may be bit of a reach to get used to for total beginners to the world of online slots.

It has been beautifully designed and it is flawless to play. One of the drawback is to the pay-out structure is that the limits of the multipliers are quiet low, even if they come around often enough. This is where the features come in as they keep you entertained while making small wins and losses.

Wild Chase

This game is based on street racing around the amazing city that is Monaco. For those living the high life, this is their destination and luxury cars galore are to be found here.

It has a great theme, nice music and you will be entertained by the constant action through your session. This gives something back to you when compared with the smaller pay-outs, rarely getting multipliers that are greater than x50. It is a good option for players who are more on the beginner side of things.

Latest update on: 13. May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Best Quickspin Slots for High rollers with 25€ or more per spin”

  1. I have played the wild chase. Its paytable is weak. I lost 30 euros without being able to activate any feature or re-spin multiplier. Base game pays zeros. It is available in this site as well.

  2. That’s nice. But I really don’t think so Quickspin games are a great choice for winning big as I have never won anything above 50x by playing some of these video slots. More of a luck but there’s definitely something good about Netent in that case. I always win big or on the other side lose in those games but there’s potential undoubtedly. Still choose the best reviewed games..

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