Provably Fair Slots RTPs and Payouts

Provably Fair is a new technology that solves a real problem: how can I trust some strange online casino? How do I know that the outcome of a game was fair? Online casinos have been around for over two decades, but since the beginning players have had a problem trusting the casino. They must simply rely on the fact that a casino does not cheat.

Provably Fair technology changes that now. For the first time it is possible to verify every single spin on a slot machine. So you can check right away if an outcome was fair or not. The whole thing works quite easily if you spend a few minutes on the subject.

A Provably Fair Casino provides you with a token after the outcome of the game. This is a snippet of code in which everything is contained in the random event, so to speak. In a card game these are the cards as they appear in the deck and in slot machines these are the reels. After the game you can enter this token into a generator like Quickhash and see what result Quickhash comes to. If this result differs from the actual outcome of the game, it was not done by fair means. If the result is the same, you know that the online casino has not cheated you. The outcome of the game was fair. This does not mean that you won, of course, but that you were not cheated.

Provably Fair Slots and their RTPs

So now we know that provably fair slots are indeed fair and you cannot be cheated. But that does not mean that these slots are superior to others. Because there are also slot machines from large manufacturers like Netent that are played in a reliable casino like LeoVegas and are certainly fair – although not provably fair.

Just the fact that a slot machine is provably fair does not say anything about its quality, because what good is a slot machine with a bad RTP of 90% which is provably fair? Then you know that you can’t be cheated, but you can also play with a very bad payout. In this respect it is of no use to you.

Developers for provably Fair Slots

One thing is clear: provably fair slots must be developed from scratch. It is not possible to simply adapt existing slot machines and make them provably fair. That is why the range of slot machines is still manageable. There are only a few providers who are really working on it. These are summarized here and introduced to you.

BGaming – this manufacturer develops both “normal” and provably fair slot machines. It has already published well over a dozen of them. The best known is the Bitstarz Casino where the BGaming slot machines can be played.

Funfair – this provider is regarded as one of the pioneers of Blockchain Gambling and has also created its own crypto currency. The number of slot machines is still manageable but it is growing slowly but surely.

RTPs and payouts of provably Fair Slots

Wheel of Fun: FairgroundFunfair98,00 %
Fire LightningBgaming97,61 %
Domnitor’s DeluxeBgaming97,31 %
DomnitorsBgaming97,31 %
Lucky Lady’s CloverBgaming97,31 %
Fantasy ParkBgaming97,30 %
Hawaii CocktailsBgaming97,30 %
Slotomon GoBgaming97,12 %
Scroll of AdventureBgaming97,12 %
Princess RoyalBgaming97,10 %
Brave VikingBgaming97,09 %
Hello EasterBgaming97,00 %
Cherry FiestaBgaming96,98 %
Aztec MagicBgaming96,96 %
Lucky BlueBgaming96,96 %
Aztec MagicBgaming96,96 %
West TownBgaming96,95 %
Alice CooperFunfair96,88 %
Lucky SweetsBgaming96,54 %
Bounty on the High SeasFunfair96,50 %
Platinum LightningBgaming96,29 %
Crazy StarterBgaming96,04 %
Princess of SkyBgaming95,99 %
Desert TreasureBgaming95,95 %
Fate of ThroneFunfair94,00 %