Special Highroller treatment: Trips, events, account managers

If you are a highroller, certain casinos will have VIP support for you, while a handful will also organise special events and trips for you.

Usually the VIP support will be made out of the top players who have access to the VIP lounge whereby they can obtain special promotions, added loyalty points, customised playing experiences and requirements, gifts and other exclusive offers.

Most of these packages are invite only, but you can email the respective casino to let them know you are interested and the will let you know if you meet the requirements.

You will usually get deposit bonuses, special birthday gifts, access to monthly membership gift draws etc.

The VIP experience will offer you a lot of focus being the one priority for the staff of a casino, so you will be able to get in touch with most of them 24 hours a day.

Only a handful of casinos will offer top tier service for their VIP clients, meaningthat they will do their best to surprise, whether it is organising additional events or trips abroad for them.

Latest update on: 3. June, 2020