Playing slots with your mobile: Speed & Smoothness over Selection & Ease of Use

It is exciting times that we currently live in. It was not too long ago that you would have had to go to an actual real-life casino if you wanted to gamble or else play games off the books in a dodgy establishment.

With the advent of the internet and the constant development, you were then gifted with the opportunity of playing your favourite types of casino games online from the comfort of your own home. Some casinos even focus 100% on mobile gaming, such as Leovegas, unlike more traditional online casinos like Royalpanda.

People were able to win millions from online casinos when sitting in their underwear and lying in their beds! It has been in the last five years or so that mobile casino gaming has really taken off. People are spending more time on their smart phones now than ever. They have access to the internet at all times and these devices are so big and have such great quality that they are able to provide a great gaming experience.

This is why playing mobile slots games have become so popular. Some people were wary of this when it first became a popular trend, but there are not too many people who are fans of slots and have not been won over for one reason or another.

Platform and software capabilities for mobile slots games

If you want to use a mobile device or tablet to play online slots games, you will need to ensure that your device has the sufficient level of technology and speed to run these games in an optimal fashion.

You will need to have a system that is compatible like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. If you are using an Apple product, like the iPod, iPad or iPhone, they will be using iOS. The majority of mobile casinos will require you to be running on iOS of 3.x or greater for the games to work properly. When it comes to playing these games on a mobile device, you don’t want to take any chance and it is important that you ensure your device is compatible for the task at hand.

There is such a wide choice of both online casinos and slots games to choose from that you are going to have access to some truly great gambling opportunities on your mobile device. It is always best to use online casinos that have a good reputation when it comes to their mobile gaming platforms, as you know they will run smoothly and there will be little to no hitches in your playing experience.

What to know when using Native Online Gaming Apps

When you are looking at apps that are native for a given platform, they will most likely be well tailored to the particular performance requirements and user experience at hand. Thanks to the single platform affinity, there should be a lot less bugs and online slots games will run very smoothly.

They have been written with platform SDKs in mind and this native app will have access to all of the native APIs. As you are not going to be using web browser and mobile app that has not been dedicated to your chosen platform, there will be faster graphics performance, meaning that you can enjoy a smoother experience with your online casino games.

As these native apps will be tailor made for a specific platform, you will often times not have as good of a selection of slots games as you would if you were using a web browser that catered for all platforms. If you want as wide of a variety of games to choose from, this probably won’t be your best option.

What to know about html5 mobile web apps

When it comes to html5 mobile web apps, you are going to have bit of a bumpier experience some of the time, as the games and platform is not specialised for your platform or device. This means that the games might run a bit less smooth or slower than you would get if you were using an app that was native to your platform.

There are various advantages associated with using html5 mobile web apps, thanks to its cross-platform affinity. They will commonly be written with different types of technologies in mind, such as html5, JavaScript and CSS.

As they run on web servers, they can be viewable on any sort of device that connects to the internet and allows you to browse the internet. Whether your device can optimally run the game is an entirely different question.

Finally, there will be no need to be downloading updates for the app through a web store, as every update will be centralized and you will not have to do anything except sit back and relax. No more waiting to have to download another update, you can play literally any time you wish!