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Gamomat is a game developer from Berlin, Germany. They have managed to build a very active fan community in a very short time. And that is why Gamomat slot machines are becoming more and more popular outside of Germany.

The RTPs of Gamomat slot machines – the top 20

The Book Beyond96.22%
Wild Rubies Christmas Edition96.19%
The Land of Heroes96.17%
Stacks of Jacks96.16%
Forever Diamonds96.16%
Roman Legion96.16%
Crystal Burst XXL96.16%
Book of Madness Roar96.16%
Ramses Book Respins96.16%
Book of Madness 96.16%
Crystal Ball RHFP96.15%
Books and Bulls96.13%
Fruit Mania96.12%
King of the Jungle96.12%
Xploding Pumpkins96.12%
Sunny Sevens96.12%
Book of Romeo and Julia Golden Nights96.12%
Take 596.11%
Books and Bulls GDN96.11%
Royal Seven XXL96.11%

If you take a look at the RTPs, one thing becomes apparent very quickly: The variance is extremely small. This means that the difference between the best paying slot machines and the worse ones is very small. For example, the top slot machine “The Book Beyond” pays 96.22%, the #20 pays 96.11% in terms of RTP. So hardly noticeable.

But Gamomat does not have the really high RTPs of 97% and more. This must be called a weakness, because as a player nowadays you are spoiled in this respect. So you have the luxury of a wide range of high-paying slot machines to fall back on. That’s what Gamomat is missing. On the positive side, there are no really bad RTPs among the current 111 slot machines.

Conclusion: At Gamomat you can play at all slot machines and will not be cheated. So you have no risk of catching a slot with a very bad RTP.

Where to play the highest paying Gamomat Slots?

The Book Beyond
Wild Rubies Christmas Edition
The Land of heroes GDN
Stacks of Jacks
Forever Diamonds
Roman Legion
Crystal Burst XXL
Book of Madness
Crystal Ball RHFP
Books and Bulls
Fruit Mania GDN
King of the Jungle GDN
Xploding Pumpkins
Sunny Sevens
Book of Romeo & Julia
Take 5
Royal Seven XXL

What does RTP mean in gambling?

In the world of gambling, RTP is a way of describing the amount a slot pays back over time. Slot machines are programmed to return a certain percentage of the stakes they pay back, so when you stake on a game, you are essentially gambling that slot machine is going to give back the money you have placed into it.

This is one of the key aspects that separates slots from other casino games, as most slots don’t allow you to increase your chances of winning or decrease the amount you lose. Slot machines always pay out exactly as programmed, no combinations can be played that will give you a short-term advantage over your opponent.

All of this brings us to one of the most important things about slots: RTP. The higher the RTP is, the more often you win and the more frequently you win the higher your chances of winning are of going to win larger amounts over time. It’s a logical way of calculating the overall value of a slot game, which is calculated over time.

What does RTP mean in life’s little things?

One of the things that often gets overlooked is the RTP that appears on prizes like scratch-off tickets, lottery tickets, lottery tickets with an embedded metal bonus, etc.

Higher RTP often implies better features

Slot machines with higher RTP often have higher payout frequency. The RTP is generally calculated on a rolling basis, so the higher the rollover, the better the RTP is. These games are sometimes hidden, allowing players to take a bigger profit if they prefer.

Most often, casinos display their RTP at the beginning of the game with a flashy animation. Games that have a low RTP have a more elegant interface, which is considered to be attractive to players.

But not all games with high RTP are necessarily profitable. Be aware that a high RTP doesn’t necessarily mean that a game will be profitable. These higher values are meant to show you what is expected of the game, and not necessarily what is being paid back by players.

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