Rainbow Riches Review: Classic Slot For Older Players

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slots games today, especially in the United Kingdom.It can be seen all across the region in everywhere from pubs to casinos and bingo halls. The game is the absolute favorite for many players. If you have played the game on desktop device or in a live casino in the past, you can now experience equally seemless game on your mobile device as well.

Is this a good fit for you?

If you are new to Rainbow Riches, it may not be the kind of game you are looking for.The general sounds are pretty good and fit in great with the theme, while the leprachaun can be a bit horrific and teriffying to some players.Stacked symbols are not wild in the mobile version and the free spins are not available.Instead, the mobile version features three click and win features for some quick and easy cash.

You might think that it is not worth your time playing Rainbow Riches as a result.

What about the value?

When it comes to return to player values, it gives you a value of 95% which is just on the border between making it worth your while to play and not playing it at all. The little wins will keep you ticking over and if you manage to get luck and strike a good bonus feature, you will potentially win handsomely.

It may take some time, but stoping the pot of gold and rainbow symbols will trigger the biggest win in the gameHowever, there is often no pot of gold awaiting for you, just like you have so often heard in the stories, and this is especially true until you have played 150 spins at least.

Latest update on: 5. April, 2024

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Riches Review: Classic Slot For Older Players”

  1. A 5 reel, 20 pay-line video slot that features rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold. I love to play rainbow riches especially when it’s time for the bonus rounds to roll. The slot offers 3 bonus rounds and a jackpot win that can be as big as the stake×500. I do not need anything else!

  2. A slot game that rules UK’s casinos, Rainbow Riches is an excellent evolution by Barcrest. The Irish-themed slot has fantasized animations and soft sounds that keep the boredom away.
    We see the standard symbols having logo of the game in each of them. Secondly, there are special symbols that go wild.
    The special symbols serve as a substitute of standard symbols and scattered symbols. They are represented as a face of leprechaun, wishing well, or the pot of gold under a rainbow.
    I have been playing this game for 2 months and one thing that I am pretty sure about is that it no way going to make me rich at least the online version of Rainbow Riches is never going to do so.
    What I admire is the overall gameplay it is some sort of a joy and is different unlike the many microgaming slots that are same all the way except the themes.
    I play regularly, and have won more than 10 rounds of the ‘road to riches’ bonus feature winning for me around $400. This is unlimited fun and good pass of time.

  3. Here you can bet up to £100 in every spin. After playing Rainbow Riches many times in one of my favourite casinos in London, I decided to give a try to the online version by Barcrest at the ‘mrsmithcasino’. The best I saw is the ‘pots’ feature in that version. It activated when ‘pots of gold’ symbols arrived at number 2, 3, and 4 among the total 5 reels. Interestingly over there the top price can be as much as x500 the total bet though I never crossed the x40 mark. However, as I am fond of betting higher, those particular multipliers also seemed enough. Therefore, the game delights me whenever I play it especially when I manage to get that, my favourite ‘win multiplying round’

  4. I played this slot yesterday at “QueenVegas”. I had balance of about £120 still left at the casino so decided to give the Barcrest’s RR a try. The three hours of nonstop playing this video slot were just pleasure.

    It features 5 reels and 20 lines with the traditional Irish theme that is loved by the most. Therefore, the game has a variety of symbols with distinct powers as many other similar slots have.
    * Golden coins as the wild symbols.
    * Leprechauns as the bonus symbols.
    * Wishing well as the scatter symbols.
    * Pots of gold as the activators of Pots of Gold feature.
    * and standard symbols as card characters: 10, J, Q, K and A.

    The base game is good and in addition, the game’s many bonus features were simply amazing. I did not get all of them but they were very interesting. The best one for me was the Road to Riches feature that is triggered by having three or more leprechaun symbols on the reels and that really was a big deal.

    I have ended this game with a profit until now and will possibly come back again when Barcrest is obtained by other casinos as well. I couldn’t find this software easily

  5. A pure gambling slot is this one by Barcrest software. I often play it online and hardly end up losing my money. There are a lot of features in this slot that assist in making winning combinations. It is very famous in UK’s casinos but playing online is kind of more fun and chances to earn are also more.

    It has the common Irish theme that didn’t inspire me but the thing I like is the unique symbols. It features gold, rainbows etc. The music is light and doesn’t create boredom it is something perfect for a slot game. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines so the game is no science simple spins like many of the microgaming slots. I think Barcrest software is a good competitor I definitely want to play some of their other games as well.

    As mentioned the gold is the wild in this slot that substitutes these As Ks poker cards to let the players win. This was the first time I played a slot with more than 1 scatters and it was interesting. These are the leprechaun, wishing well, and the pot of gold under a rainbow symbol, and all of them have different powers for activating bonuses.

    I like this slot but one thing Im not getting is why developers prefer to follow themes of other games. Video slots must bring a change because there a hundreds of them available. Best choices must stand out.

  6. Big cheers to the big game where you can bet as much as $100 in every spin. That session of mine was horrible when I lost a lot more than this bet in only a few hours but decided to stick to it and get back what I lost.

    As many gamblers do I was also not willing to lose and quit so that drove me to make another deposit on QueenVegas and test the luck. Things were again below average at first but later on I was continuously being delighted by the base game’s winning combos and there I also had a jackpot of 1000 coins in some luckiest minute. Interestingly the slot has potential of awarding even bigger prizes because I have noticed some players saying so in forums. On the negative side as I shared above my first experience this one can also be horrible toward the balance. Patience is a must for playing rainbow riches. It has three interesting bonus features that are road to riches, wishing well and the pots features. Play for some time then you will surely experience all three of them.

    Three Pots of Gold symbols on exactly reels two, three and four triggers this feature. Secondly, the road to riches feature is activated by landing three leprechaun scatters anywhere on the reels. Wishing well is triggered by landing three or more wishing well symbols anywhere. Bonuses also paid me nicely and I also like the way they do so but the big win possibilities only lie in that base game.

    This game’s ways of awarding and give prizes during bonus game is very much different from the hundreds of other slots. So this will never create that boredom think. It is recommended…

  7. A nice barcrest game that’s very famous and I like everything about it except the common theme and gameplay. It’s an Irish theme slot. Along with that I remember large number of games with the same theme and similar ways of awarding. So this one’s 5/20 slot with best bonus features. It is very well known for bonuses and I also play because of them.
    In main game the wild is best paying symbol. The golden coin substitutes other symbols to make winning combinations. Bonuses include road to riches, wishing well and gold pots feature. The game’s bonuses are unique and have different ways of giving prizes. That’s what I like about the game it very different in some cases. I play it too often in online casinos with barcrest software. It is recommended also.

  8. I never heard much about barcrest software but rainbow riches yes. Im sure it’s the only game by this software that earned fame and in fact it’s really a very good slot game. It looks good in every way. 5 reels and 20 paylines arranged nicely with a rainbow in the background. Nice to eye colours all over in the game look very good

    Well it’s not only about how it looks the game has some very good features that are helping to win. I liked the easier way to choose the bet and begin with game which was fun. I also like the availability of game pattern and rules feature that some slot games lack. Although this game is famous but still beginners can try it out without worrying. There are both the special symbols and low paying symbols but all of them pay well sometimes. A no winning combination should not be surprising here because it’s a part and it plays its role.

    Gold coin wild symbols play the role of substituting the other card symbols similar way to most of the Netent games but here in Rainbow riches wild pays more than ever to someone lucky enough. 3 wilds make a nice winning combo and five on an active payline gives 10000 credits that seems difficult but not impossible according to the screenshots that are viral.

    This game is more about leprechauns which are also one of the special symbols. They activate a road to riches bonus where lies a fortunate wheel. It includes random multipliers to make possible big wins. I like this features because more than the others. Overall it’s a very nice slot game by this software and everyone can try.

  9. 5 reels and 20 paylines but the layout still looks different from the other 20 payways slots. I tried barcrest games’ rainbow riches last week at casumo casino. I have been with casumo online casino for a long time and always make big deposits over there. Rainbow riches was recommended by a couple of people I know but unfortunately it didn’t impress me even after playing at some considerably big bets. There winnings in this game are so poor definitely incomparable to a standard.

    Actually the high paying symbols hardly made any winning combination. So this way many winnings were poor and I had to quit the game. That’s it

  10. Rainbow Riches was made by Barcrest Games and this slot game is more famous in land based casinos than the online casinos of today. I loved to see that people still talk about it because it’s actually worth it. Rainbow Riches is a must play slot game. Most of you will have difficulty in finding this game online because I must admit that Barcrest a is a backward sort of company in this industry so only a few online casinos supported it back then when I played the online version of this game.

    Well it has good music and graphics and there are 5 reels with 20 paylines. One of the good things about this game is that the winnings ratio in the base game and the bonuses is almost equal but it’s always good to have bonus rounds and Rainbow Riches I should say happily offers them. You just need to be lucky enough to catch them. Road to riches is the bonus feature that you want. It is triggered by leprechaun scatters symbols. Then there is a pots of gold and a wishing well bonus. Game has a gold coin wild symbol that substitutes for the standard symbols. The game has overall so much to deliver. I loved it!

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