Immortal Romance: Beautiful Game with Amazing Bonus Features

Immortal Romance is an online slot that has been around for a while and it garnered quite a big playersThe folks at Microgaming always know what the player desires in a game and they seem to get the balance just right most of the time when it comes to their titles.

Seamless Playing Experience

Regardless of whether you play Immortal Romance on your PC or mobile device, you are in for a smooth gaming experience. It is a very aesthetically pleasing game, with the amazing painted symbols to the glowing lights seen at the edge of the screen complementing one another greatly. There is also eerie music that is very beautiful playing in the background. As you play Immortal Romance, there are a number of story videos that will be unlocked as you progress.

Huge Array of Bonuses

There is such a wide multitude of different bonus features that you could spend all day explaining each of them. Players can trigger and unlock as many as four different free spins variations playing Immortal Romance. We do not have to spend too much time on particularities of the gameplay, as you will pick up on all small details yourself as you play.

Story to Keep You Interested

Even the story is compelling and the stunning graphics keep you enthralled alongside the flawless gameplay. The story is based arounds the main characters trying to navigate through the waters that are supernatural love.

Although it may appear so on the surface, Immortal Romance will not just appeal to female players, but it represents a great choice for all sorts of online casino players.The story will surprise you with some dark, unexpected turns, revealing that not everything is what it seems to be.

The slot also features a big potential jackpot of 3.5 million coins, and the game is suitable for all bankrolls as you can bet anything from 0.30 to 6.00 per spin.

Latest update on: 24. May, 2021

15 thoughts on “Immortal Romance: Beautiful Game with Amazing Bonus Features”

  1. Immortal Romance is among the finest developments by microgaming. The vampire-themed video slot is crowd’s favorite. I just love to play it immortal love stories already delight me and having them as a theme of the place where I earn is really a joy. Now that is not all about it immortal romance video slot is truly a gambler’s dream.
    I started out betting maximum at 150 however the slot allows up to 300. My biggest win at that time and so far is 7800 coins it was amazing to see the big win price on screen with a red flame around it felt like the game features fire that pushes my balance to increase. In addition, I earned 10 free spins the same time I did not really want to save them for the next day so used them all right away. The winnings from all the free spins were 1450 increasing my total balance to 9250 that was now ready to weigh my paypal.
    This was about my first experience playing this slot a year ago. It is obviously well-designed and with trance-like music settings. Keep in mind you win free spins when you get 3 bonus symbols. It then clears the way to enter the chamber of spins where 4 different bonus features are unlocked if you play regularly and keep winning the free spins. There is much more the slot’s offers are truly unmatchable.
    The biggest wins through an online slot game have been seen in this one. Beware you will probably end up winning below 100 or even below 50 euros after playing a lot with low bets. That is a fact with the slot. Players who do not risk much also do not win to the point they desire.

  2. I love to play Immortal Romance. It is already one of the most played slots by microgaming. The reason why people like it is the great features along with big win opportunities that the slot offers. It has wonderful graphics and symbols of the favourite vampires. Additional symbols are of the playing cards. It not only has interesting music but different songs are also played during different rounds I love the one that is played when free spins are active.
    After playing this slot for a couple of times with deposit of below €20 I realized for earning something I will have to pay something. It really needs to have much balance for winning big though I am never gonna do that as what the game is giving me already is pure enough. There are good betting options with up to 100x win multiplier in the base game. So I’ll keep trying my luck at this level only. Good luck to you

  3. Microgaming made this slot and gave it a dark environment with vampire theme. It has 5 reels, 243 lines and 96.86% RTP.

    There’s no doubt the best wins I ever had were from microgaming’s Immortal Romance. I am playing it from the past 2 years.

    From graphics to music from main game to bonuses I like everything and especially the payouts. My bankroll literally delights when ”Sarah” the highest paying symbol lands. Main game also features bonuses and overall it’s real fun. It is well worth playing…..

  4. Immortal romance slot game is just like a horror movie with a theme of love. It was created by the famous microgaming software about 2-3 years ago as I remember playing it for the first time right after the release. I like this slot game, and I often play it in free time. It is smooth, and it works really well in almost every casino.

    So it can be called as a love story of the vampires. The theme is very interesting and the graphics perfect support it. I love the music of this game. Light, romantic and kind off horror tunes run all the time while playing. I also think this slot game has the most number of music tracks than any other slot game because completely different one is played during every different feature.

    It’s a 243 lined thing with 5 reels. Most gamers depend on slot bonuses but Im playing this game since 2014 and just loving the main game’s features. Bonuses are also good so this game can also be called as a perfect one. A wild desire feature is just love as it turns all the reels wild and assists a big winning combo. This feature is randomly triggered.

    Free spins are also easily triggered when three or more golden lion scatter symbols appear. There activates an Amber features with a beautiful sound that gives 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier. Additional spins are also randomly triggered but they don’t really pay much. Big wins lie only in the base game and I got some in these years. It’ll be nice to hear that this slot game has paid me a few thousands in the last 3 months. Im lucky enough to have it!!!!!

  5. One of the most famous microgaming slots is ”Immortal Romance”. I played it for the first time this week and I was just in love with it especially the music. That tune reminds me about the “Game of Thrones” TV series because its flow is kinda similar. Besides music the game’s graphics are very well designed and the playing symbols are mostly vampires, then card suits and there are the scatter and wild symbols also. Basically the game is based on some horror love story that makes it very interesting to play.

    As far as gambling is concerned this game can definitely award big prizes but not too often. Anyways €25 is the best win I had so far in the main game while betting at the lowest numbers. It was actually a combination with the wild symbols that is “Immortal Romance” symbol. It doubles every win by substituting the other symbols. Wild randomly appears but it does not substitute the scatter that is the golden lion symbol. 3 or more scatters appearing anywhere award 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier. The bonus rounds of the game certainly end by paying a fine prize.

    I think the best of this game is the Wild Desire feature that pays huge money. Every microgaming slot that I experienced to play had some kind of potential of awarding a big win as Mega Moolah has that capability in its progressive jackpot round. I am looking forward to see how this feature turns all the reels wild and make a nice winning combination. Overall, it’s a wonderful slot that keeps me up and active…

  6. Immortal Romance slot is an old and famous slot game by microgaming but it just cannot be a good choice for everyone. Based on a horror theme this game seeks players interested in vampires and certainly “Immortal Romance”. I really liked the views and music but that’s just not everything. The paytable is unpredictable.

    There are 5 reels and 243 ways to win lines in this game. 5-243 structure usually attracts me because it can produce big wins and that was just the reason for playing this game and as I hardly miss any by microgaming. At first the looks reminded me of “Burning Desire” that too was a romantic-themed slot by microgaming with similar structure. “Bust the Bank” also had 5 reels and 243 lines and yes the “Carnival Royale” All of theme are nice slot games powered by microgaming but I simply did not like Immortal Romance.

    In the first few sessions I managed to win a few euros and above 300 euros in a day but quickly lost it all in the very next few hours. A losing streak took it all and that doesn’t usually happens in a game so much popular. I hardly won those high paying multiplied free spins again so that was certainly the end to it.

    Other than that the wild desire bonus seemed impossible to trigger. I didn’t lost much of an amount but this game is still risky. It could have been all of my deposit that was lost if I didn’t manage to win in the start.

  7. Winnings aren’t the great in immortal romance but the game is fun and it is loved by many people. The theme is nice. I have played this many times since its release by microgaming. This slot is very good and it is famous also that’s the biggest reason it is good. I might have quit playing it in the start because I was making mistakes by placing big bets in the start. Then I continued pretty safely and enjoyed the game for long. Never had the best wins but again this slot is fun to play and everyone can try their luck for regular small to medium wins…

  8. My review is based on over 1 year experience of playing “immortal romance” which is a video slot game by microgaming. It’s an interesting game with 243 paylines. Theme is the vampires and I call it vampire romance after watching the name and appearance.

    The game has eye-catching graphics and really fantastic sounds. I am sick of the common tunes that the slot machines play and create hell of boredom. I miss so many winning slot games only because of this reason as there’s no fun in winning like that. It feels more like in a dark room with bells. Well the major reason for giving a good review about immortal romance is still the winnings. It’s a big win game yes and for the big players it can be either a huge win or a huge loss. Now from about a year ago I played this game at least once in a week.

    I still remember that starting this game with half a euro bet wasn’t enough fun and most of the features weren’t being activated. I kept on playing the base game’s normal spins for almost 20 minutes without having any bonus or winning feature. But the game really looked good and was giving some wins as well so there was no point of closing it. I was enjoying it even when the balance amount was a little minus from the deposit. I continued to play it while varying the coins and then I enjoyed it more. I discovered it more in the second session.

    In the third or maybe fourth week it was I got the wild desire feature and what a win it was. The best win I ever had from this game was this one of above 600 euros and I think the amazing feature wasn’t a complete one yet. Only three reels turned wild and I can’t imagine what happens after the 5. I have seen the two wild reels giving a 20 to 40 euro win. Three giving 650 means the game has huge surprises. Again you’ll just love the music when this feature is activated.

    Free spin game is a bit complex but you’ll surely enjoy as it goes with the main characters of this game namely Sarah, Micheal, Amber and Troy. First step is to land at least three lion heads which is the scatter symbol for awarding free spins. The wins are multiplied during the bonus and overall they give a good plus to the balance amount.

    Lastly I think immortal romance is just business. Most people will close it after losing in the start. But this game is actually worth a lot lot of time. True fun…

  9. Immortal romance is one of the best microgaming slots. I loved this game the very first time I played it back in 2016. Just listen to the music and feel the joy. It’s no hip hop but a set of romantic tracks that represent this game. It’s a perfect combination of vampires and romance. Immortal romance is a vampire-themed slot.

    The basic layout is 5 reels and 243 paylines. It’s a video slot that gives big winning opportunities. There’s no progressive jackpot like mega moolah but immortal romance has its own features with benefits. This reminds me of friends with benefits lol microgaming is the largest developer of slot games till date but most of its pieces are copies of one another. I’m no fan of microgaming but I love every unique slot made by this software. This slot is one of them that’s why I like it. Unlimited casino withdrawals in my bank account are in the name of immortal romance. I just love it and highly recommend it to others. So here are the three amazing features of this game:

    Four types of free spins with different multipliers.
    Wild desire wild reels greatest feature.
    Doubling wins with wild.

    I love the free spins because they are easy to trigger even though the entire chamber spins is bit complex. Best wins come from the wild reels till now and overall it’s the best game……..

  10. I played Immortal Romance today in casino euro this game is very interesting. I like its appearance. Beautiful music and songs are played during the free spins. This is a microgaming slot with 5 reels and 243 paylines.

    I begin this game with betting at 0.3 which is the lowest. I also played a couple of bet maxes at 6 but it didn’t prove to be lucky choice. Anyways I started to like this game in the very start because high paying symbols were showing up. Standard card symbols pay nothing 5 Qs on consecutive reels made a win like 1.2 or something when the bet was almost the same. So the balance goes down until you get the chance to activate the free spins or have a streak of good wins. Like the two-scatter wins or the ones with wild. Immortal romance logo plays as wild and it appears too rarely but that’s not the case with lion head scatter. You’ll probably see that symbol almost every minute if you’re a quick player like me.

    Well the best part of this game was free spins. I got three scatters on first three reels and activated Sarah’s 25 free spins. It gave me a winning total of 58 which was good and I knew that the feature will be triggered again and soon. During the bonus feature 3 scatters landed again and that I guess added 2 extra free spins to the number. 58 euros was the win from all of them. So the balance rose again I continued to play this for an hour and won more than 100 euros. It’s not a game of mega wins but a very good one because it’s in no way boring. Most enjoyable slot by microgaming..

  11. Immortal Romance by Microgaming Quickfire (y)
    Good looking, interesting, entertaining and rewarding.
    I have played this game a lot in recent weeks. It’s perfect.

    Play safe hands and give it a lot of time.

  12. Microgaming’s immortal romance has 96.86% RTP. It is a 5 reels and 243 paylines game with a vampire theme, wild reels and a fine free spins feature. It is a fine looking slot game but it scares you when you are losing. Be careful 😉

    Playing this game is simple. You just need to select the number of coins and the coin value. I tried immortal romance for the third time this week in one of microgaming powered casinos and decided to share what happened. Previously I won and lost in it. There were some big wins and some super big wins also. I won 483 coins from ‘5 of a kind’ immortal romance symbols.

    The immortal romance symbol in this game is the wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus scatter symbol which is a lion’s head. Scatter gives entry into the chamber of spins which can be impressively rewarding. There is a wild desire feature in which reels can turn into wild.

    My best wins came when I played this game for the first time. I wasn’t lucky enough in the recent try because neither wild desire nor the free spins were activated and I lost my small deposit quickly. There was only one good win of 120 coins with the same ‘5 of a kind’.

    Overall, this game is 10 by 10 for visuals and it is a 7 for the wins because the best features are difficult to activate. It is above average. Worth trying.

  13. It’s a nice game but not as much as most of you think. I only remember losing in immortal romance. Only the wild desire feature gives some relief after watching so many winningless combinations. The balance nearly comes to the initial value and then goes down again. A good free spin feature also comes into sight but until then a lot of money is already lost. I don’t remember any time ending in a +balance in immortal romance. Just a good looking game with romantic music.

  14. The biggest mistake of my online gaming activities was playing immortal romance. I first checked to see if people are still playing it because the game was released on Dec 11 7 years ago. It has a lot of positive reviews and I expected to add up another one in the queue. The game but seriously doesn’t deserve one and it’s noteworthy to mention that the main features of this game don’t get activated for a long time and that’s for highrollers as well. I don’t know how people used to win here. I lost more than $200 in minutes without activating the free spins. It’s sickening.

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