Rabbit in the Hat Review: Magical Bonuses and Decent Cash Prizes

This is a game that will always have a few surprises up its sleeve just like any good magician would. Thanks to this, it differs from most games available at online casinos these days.

While it is your usual 5×3 reeler along with 9 pay lines that are fixed, this format has always been a firm favourite of fans of Microgaming titles.

This magic theme is going to be familiar, as the magician is on the right side of the screen with the curtains drawn and ready to show you some magic!

It is similar in this way to games like True Illusions and Fortune Teller.

Being Unique

The point of differentiation with Rabbit in the Hat is that while there are a variety of different symbols in the game that you will see, but this ball is the one you are always hoping will pop up.

For the big bucks, you want to see the white cotton ball.

There is a random element to some of the bonuses in this game, as whenever the magicians waves his wand and the magic hat appears, you will see the reels bounce along from right to left. Finding a special Wild wearing this hat will award you free spins round or a different bonus game.When the Wild is not wearing a hat, it still fulfills its basic function of replacing symbols.

Numerous Cool Bonus Features

There are as many as four different bonus games feature in Rabbit in the Hat, including Wild Reel, free spins, cash awards, and the Question Mark. When the Question Mark appears, you will randomly receive one of the other three bonuses.

Thanks to this, Rabbit in the Hat is a very exciting game to plays, with numerous opportunities to trigger interesting bonus games completely unexpectedly. If you get really lucky, you could win as much as 90,000, making this game more than worth investing some time and money in, and Rabbit in the Hat will also pay more often than most other casino slots.

Latest update on: 16. May, 2021

9 thoughts on “Rabbit in the Hat Review: Magical Bonuses and Decent Cash Prizes”

  1. Rabbit in the hat is a magic themed slot with 5 reels and 9 pay lines. It is powered by the famous microgaming software and as the name suggests, it features 4 different Magic Hats that can give the players everything such as free spins, cash bonuses, wilds and much more.
    The game awards up to 50 free spins the number appears on the hat. The free spins did not show much but still they gave me good money to play some rounds. I like this game.

  2. I heard a lot about this game and then gave a try at the Leovegas Casino where they awarded free spins on deposit. Rabbit in the Hat is a nice-magic themed slot game with great graphics and it was recently made by Microgaming.
    Somehow the results didn’t really match my expectations or maybe I was expecting too much. I played many slot games that are extremely good at snatching the players’ money very smartly and without letting them know. 1 little win and many losses at a time happened to me regularly in a period before I narrowed my choices of slots.
    This game doesn’t take the money obviously it does that only when we lose. So here I was able to win some Euros on a regular basis. However, the wins weren’t that big or worth considering but by regular I meant playing for a couple of hours sometimes lead my balance to 150. In a bad week I lost more than 200 on the whole so luck does matters. Nevertheless, my balance is still in plus if I count and add every result.
    Features of the slot are pretty good such as wilds capable of triggering up to 50 free spins, an additional free spin multiplier and a bonus round also. These are really something and they literally increases the fun. Anyhow this is a wonderful game if someone can manage to keep the winning mode steady otherwise it is just fine.

  3. I recently tried ‘Rabbit in the Hat’ in one of the microgaming powered casinos. That’s a magician themed slot with cutely animated symbols and background. Tracks are also perfect so nothing boring in the game a truly jolly environment is created by the host.

    As far as the main game is concerned it has only 9 paylines but there are some innovative features definitely of a concern. There is a ‘Magic Hats Feature’ in which the magic hat appears in the last of the 5 reels and that awards instant cash though not very big but a good prize. Additionally it gives 10 free spins. This feature is a regular part of the game so one can easily take it for winning good money.

    There are six high paying symbols of an assistant, trunk, locked chest, knife, movable target and the rabbit. Others are the traditional card symbols. Wild is the magician’s hat that substitutes all others and awards the big 10000x prize if you get five of them on an active payline. It seemed difficult when I played it first time but this milestone can be achieved it isn’t impossible in this microgaming slot.

    Overall, you may play many other similar type of games but this one is really an innovative slot addition to the list.

  4. Microgaming’s Rabit in The Hat failed to deliver satisfaction that I was expecting. I played it last week with a deposit of $25. The experience was not good at all. The top paying symbol the wild hat substituted the other symbols several times but it did not pay anything. Moreover, there is no scatter to fill the reels. After an hour of play I only felt dependent on the cash hat bonus feature that gives a random bonus prize multiplied by the bet. That too didn’t favor much so I was just there to wait see my balance going to zero slowly. Free spins are also difficult to trigger in this slot. That is nearly all about it

  5. This is another magic theme game that is popular among the online casinos. I have played many games of the same theme but rabbit in the hat by microgaming is better than most. It has 5 reels, 9 paylines.

    It can easily be found in any of the microgaming powered casinos and many of them award free spins. I had some in the Go wild casino. I played it there because someone said they give extra spins for this game. It’s been a month since Im playing this game and in the winnings section it is simply decent. Not much big wins but they are good. Few spins award between 0.5 to 10 euros every time but that’s not it as the main game has much better potential on awarding.

    A good paying symbols is the magic hat wild that triggers magic hat feature. During the feature a wild reel hat, cash hat and a free spins hat are also awarded that make winnings combo. I liked the cash hat bonus feature because it awards a random bonus prize of some euros. Free spins hat awards 10 free spins that can be retriggered and the number can reach up to 5o though I never had 50 free spins. Overall, the game’s random ways of awarding are fun. I like it much!!

  6. Firstly I just didn’t want to try a slot game based on some quest. It seemed like a quest to find some rabbit in a hat and then earn from it. Rabbit in the hat by microgaming is more about adventure. It’s a 5 reeled and 9 lined game with both the bonus rounds and a jackpot prize. So it was the online jpg(s) that caught my interest with the wins already awarded to previous players. Then tried it several times this month but none of the tries were satisfying.

    The game’s wild symbols pays nicely as I saw but only with 5 of a kind on screen which is difficult. I found its substitution to other symbols of no use. Worst wild symbol and a scatter doesn’t even exist so what can be expected from a worst wild and a no scatter symbol slot.

    While playing for the second time I only depended on the multipliers that still needed 5 of a kind wins. Only the standard symbols appeared like it but paid nothing. Always below 20x.

    The only thing I liked was the free spins feature that is triggered by a bonus hat. None like the many other slot games awarding free spins on landing 3,4,5 scatters. So, up to 50 free spins can be won randomly and then the balance is allowed to take a short-time breath. But free spins still lack a multiplier so they’re also not much in the competition. I can’t even see the jackpot no where so what’s actually left there for the players. Nothing. Nothing!

  7. Rabbit in the hat is a video slot with 5 reels and 9 lines. It’s definitely in the microgaming’s list of most popular games but unfortunately my experience has been clearly bad.

    I tried this slot some days ago in Royal Vegas casino. Being a member of this casino certainly means that I’m a microgaming fan but well disappointments sometimes clear their way so easily. Now being very precise this magician-themed slot will show you so many dead spins and this way it slowly eats the balance. I decided to try it for at least $25 because the good win potential of this game being talked about somewhere I was in.

    I just couldn’t understand it at all. All it did was take the money. Anyways good luck to those who still plan to play!

  8. Rabbit in the Hat is a simple video slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines. I like this game. The simplest is the betting option where players can set anything between 0.09 to 18.00. I think any newcomers also shouldn’t hesitate to try this slot if they wish.

    I like the way it is presented. Simple high value symbols of magicians, his trunks, rabbits and a few more. Standard symbols are the microgaming cards. This structure may look like another copy of simple slots but Rabbit in the Hat is special. It has its own benefits.

    So the benefit no 3 of this microgaming slot is that there is nothing difficult in finding it. Microgaming rules and so it is supported by a very large number of online casinos. This slot game is in the list of their bests so it never misses as far as I know.

    It has a free spins feature. Difficult to trigger but it may gives some hot wins if you are lucky. The feature is powered by the free spins hat. There are some big win features as well including a jackpot prize but it’s as usual extremely difficult to land 5 wilds on an active payline. But it’s never impossible.

    Magic hat is the main feature and the free spins are actually a part of it. Four types of hats can appear on reel five and they move one step left after every spin. It’s a very interesting feature and I haven’t seen it in any other slot game until now. Look for the free spins, cash hat, wild reel and mystery hat during this feature.

    The paytable overall is not the best but it’s also not a bad one. At least it never disappoints me. My sessions are usually based on regularly changing bets. And Rabbit in the Hat is a perfect match. Recommended slot!!

  9. I have played Rabbit in the Hat three four times in my own way. I end up losing all of it or end up winning something worth cashing out. It’s called a magician theme slot game and the main feature of the game is based on one of the most common magician tricks of pulling prizes out of a the hat. The game looks nice.

    But as long as the winnings are concerned this game doesn’t really match the microgaming standards. It has special features but until they are triggered your balance is gone. I won about $200 only once.

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