RTPs of the best Slingo Originals Slots compared

Slingo Original Slots are not the best when it comes to RTP. Thus it’s very important to play at an online casino that displays the RTP at each game. This is what LeoVegas does. And thus we recommend you to sign up with them here and play Slingo Original Slots right away.

Wheely Wheely Big Win95,94 %
Slingo Love Island95,33 %
Slingo Rainbow Riches95,00 %
Slingo Extreme95,00 %
Slingo Reveal95,00 %
Play of the Dead95,00 %
Bar X Colossal95,00 %
Dragons Gems95,00 %
Slingo Fortunes95,00 %
The Chase Slingo95,00 %
Slingo Deal or No Deal95,00 %
Slingo X Factor95,00 %
Slingo Riches95,00 %

Analyzing the RTPs of Slingo Original Slots

Slingo Originals Slots have a very enthusiastic fanbase. There are therefore some players who are big fans of these slots and what you have to leave to this provider is the fact that he is innovative.

What also distinguishes the slots from Slingo are the more than simple RTPs, because 95% of them are 95%, so to speak. There are very few slots that deviate from the smooth 95% and pay a little more: Wheely Wheely Big Win and Slingo Love Island. But they are only a little bit higher than that, which is not exactly intoxicating.

Because overall you have to say that 95% in today’s world is just too little. So at least in the online world where 97-98% is rather the standard. That’s why you have to say that you should rather keep your hands off Slingo if you attach great importance to a high RTP.

Where to play the highest paying Slingo Originals Slots 2023?

The problem with Slingo Originals Casinos is that most of them only offer 1 or very few games like Bar X Colossal. There are only very few casinos (we can recommend) with a wide variety of slots like 32Red. That’s also the one we’d recommend and you can sign up here to get started with all the high RTP Slingo Slots!

ValuesLeoVegasPartyCasino32Red CasinoCasooCloudbetVideoSlots Casino
Wheely Wheely Big Win
Rainbow Riches
Bar X Colossal
Dragons Gems
Deal or No Deal

Most popular Slingo Originals Slots

Rainbow Riches

The Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular Slingo Originals slot games. The game comes packed with 12 ways to win or paylines and medium volatility spinning actions. Rainbow Riches was released in December of 2020 and it combines exciting bingo games with gaming mechanics of slot releases. Its RTP stands at around 95.6% which is slightly above the average when compared to other slot games by other developers.

As suggested by its title, the game features an Irish theme with loads of lucky charms that appear on its gaming grid. Moreover, Rainbow Riches is also packed with a great selection of bonuses including its Free Spins bonus, Features Map, Bonus Wheel game for great cash prizes and its great winning multiplier.

Rainbow Riches

Best 3 Online Casinos with Slingo Originals


One of the oldest and biggest brands in online casino gaming, LeoVegas is the absolute king of online casinos. The popular gaming site features over 1,900 games in its library by major and minor game developers.

One of those worthy of mention is Slingo Originals. The mobile developer’s hits are available at LeoVegas, including Slingo XXXTreme, Slingo Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and many others.

Party Casino

Ready to have some fun? Party casino brings the fiesta to your town with thousands of games from the industry’s biggest providers. From Pragmatic Play and NetEnt to niche developers such as Slingo, you’ll have loads of fun at Party casino.

Get one of Party casino’s fun bonuses and you can try your luck on Slingo’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for free. If you get all the questions right and the symbols to align, you’ll be the next young millionaire.

Dunder Casino

Dunder is one of the most popular online casinos and it’s easy to see why. It simply oozes style and quality and has hundreds of games from the industry’s top developers. Slingo Originals games can also be found in the lobby and you can play them all for fun or real money.

From Pay of the Dead and Slingo XXXTreme to Slingo Reel Extreme and Mad Scatters Tea Party, Dunder offers the biggest-ever Sling Originals hits.

Questions and Answers to Slingo Originals Slot RTPs

What is the RTP of Rainbow Riches by Slingo Originals?

The Rainbow Riches slot comes with a slightly below the average RTP of around 95.6%.

How good are Slingo Originals Slots in terms of RTP?

In terms of its RTPs, Slingo Originals-powered slot games are not as favorable as games by other providers as they RTPs generally stand at around 95% which is below the average of 96%. Nonetheless, the games are still worth checking out as they come packed with great selections of bonuses, great payouts and rather innovative theme and spectacular visuals.

What is RTP?

The Return to Player (or RTP) is the statistical measure of how much a slot pays back to its players over a certain period of time. It is an estimation of how much a player can expect to win from the slot based on the past transactions of that player and other players who have dealt with that player. For example, if a player enters a game with a banked RTP of 95%, and the game has a cumulative winning frequency of 10% over 500 spins, then the player will expect to receive $95 in winnings ($95) back over those 500 spins.

For online slots, the RTP is calculated over a theoretical playing lifetime of millions of spins, whereas for real world slots the RTP is calculated over a theoretical playing lifetime of just a few hundred spins. A game that pays out much more frequently but on a smaller percentage of plays should have a lower RTP as players won’t get the return as quickly. In the long term, a slot game with a lower RTP will stay below zero in the long run as the player’s winnings accumulate.

What is a Frequency?

The Frequency is the measure of how often a player will win. In online slots, the frequency is calculated over millions of spins. For example, if a player gets $5 in wins on his first 5,000 spins, the slot will pay out $5,000 on those 5,000 spins, meaning that the slot is expected to pay out $500 on the player’s first 5,000 spins. This does not mean that the player will win every time he spins the slot; however, it is calculated over the long run, i.e. over millions of spins.

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  1. Slingo originals don’t ask much. They give a decent return along with much decent bonus features and one of a kind displays. I haven’t even said enough about all of them yet but they’re just—worth trying.
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