Playing with other currencies than USD: When does it make sense?

There are a few different scenarios in which it can be better playing in a currency that is not USD. If your local currency is stronger than the USD, you will not be getting poor value for money by exchanging this local currency for USD. Therefore by playing with your local currency, you avoid the currency exchange fees and mismatches.

When you take out money into your bank account, there can often be hefty fees if you wish to change a different currency back to your local currency, as well as the bank often offering poor exchange rates, so you can avoid this by not playing in USD.

What casinos support other currencies? Especially: EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, NOK, SEK, CHF and ZAR?

You can see a list of exactly which casinos support which currencies. It is rare to find ones that do not support EUR. Then the majority of casinos will support USD, AUD, GBP and CAD.

Casinos supporting SEK and NOK are fairly common while casinos that support ZAR and CHF are rare.

The only mainstream casino that supports all of these options is Europa Casino.

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Current state of deposit methods: What is standard, what is rare?

Most of the online casinos request you to deposit money into your accounts as this is how they earn their revenues. Therefor it is in their interests to make sure that they offer a huge variety of deposit options and the processing times for getting the money from your bank account into your casino balance is almost instant.

All major online casinos will offer the usual methods of credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets. A large chunk of them will also allow for bank wire transfers.

You have to check especially on a case by case basis whether they cater for specific types of e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller etc. as it can vary from casino to casino.

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How to cashout to your credit card?

Getting money out is easy with your credit card. Simply go to the withdrawal/cashier page on your given casino. Select the option with which you want to withdraw from your account with.

You will then need to enter the personal/billing info that is associated with your credited card and submit for the withdrawal.

According to what site you are using, it could take a few hours or a few days for this payment to fully process.

Why do some casinos not allow it?

Some casinos do not like the fees and interest rates associated with this method, so they do not allow for credit card cash outs.

It is also not as secure as other forms of withdrawal, which means that there is more of a chance of foul play being involved if it is a credit card in question.

When does it make sense to switch to e-wallets?

There are a few different reasons why a lot of people prefer to use e-wallets. They are normally faster when it comes to processing times, whether it is for deposits or withdrawals. Some casinos process them instantly, whereas others will take a few hours for the funds to hit your e-wallet when you make a withdrawal.
They are also very safe and secure, as you have your own distinct password for the e-wallet, rather than having all of the information needed to make a withdrawal on a credit card or debit card.

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Fast cashouts: How to get your money in an instant

If you are in the need of a fast cashout, it can be a pain if you have to wait days and days to have the money in your bank account.

Certain withdrawal methods take longer than others, with the general rule of thumb being that bank transfers are the longest, then credit and debit cards will usually take a few days with online wallet options like Skrill and Neteller often being instantly processed or else within 24 hours.

As you can see, in the majority of casinos that offer quick withdrawals, Skrill and Neteller are your best options for a fast cashout.

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Depositing with your mobile phone: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. What are the challenges and how easy is it really?

In the past, only a select few casinos would provide the option to easily deposit via your mobile device. It would be slow and cumbersome to do.

Nowadays however it is straightforward and easy. It is as fast as if you were doing it off a desktop computer. No matter what device you have, the vast majority of casinos will allow you to do so without any hiccoughs.

All you need to do is enter the casino site in which you want to deposit to and enter your card details bank details, PayPal etc. and you are good to go.

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Paysafecard: Quick, Easy & Secure

In recent years, the advent of new types of online transaction vehicles like PayPal and Paysafecard have meant that more people now than ever have safe methods of making transactions online. Online privacy and safety is paramount these days and hardly a day goes by without hearing of some reports of people’s credit card details or other personal information going missing.

Using a payment method such as Paysafecard means that you are able to secure yourself from having your private information getting into the wrong hands. Paysafecard is truly a great option that you can choose if you are a casino player because it is extremely quick, user friendly and accepted in majority of casinos. It contains a code with 16 digits that you will be using for making online purchases.

Why should you use a Paysafecard method?

The process of buying a Paysafecard is so simple and straightforward that you would be crazy not to do it. All you have to do is find a local provider of the Paysafecard and you can instantly pre-load funds onto it. This will provide you with the opportunity to use the unique 16 digit pin for online purchases of goods and services using the Paysafecard. It really is as easy as that. It is kind of like buying a pre-paid public transport card.

As a result of the use of a Paysafecard, your personal information will be completely protected, you will be able to keep your identity hidden when conducting business through online transactions, your financial means will be kept safe and secure and you will be able to supervise your financial and identity information.

Some people prefer not to have a record of their transactions on online casinos being present on their debit or credit cards, as this can often be frowned upon when trying to get a loan from a lending institution. To illustrate, some banks will not extend credit to their customers if their credit cards show records of an online casino transactions on their current account in the last 6 months. To protect yourself and prevent this problem form occurring, you can simply use a Paysafecard.

This is also an efficient way of staying in a budget in regards to your online gambling activities at the online casino. Once you have spent all the financial means that were loaded on your card, you will need to go out and purchase another card in order for you to continue playing. This will enable you to prevent yourself from going on tilt and spending more than you should as you attempt to chase down your losses.

Your bank account and your budget in general will be a lot more disciplined after some time, leading you to much better results in perceivable future After saying this, it is important to mention that if you think that you might have a problem in regards to gambling, you should always try to find help first.

The use of Paysafecard together with mobile devices

Not long ago, Paysafecard released a version of the app for mobile phones. You can find this on either Google Play Store for the Android or the App Store for iOS devices. You can log directly into your Paysafecard account using the app and this will allow you to view your currently available funds, as well as all of your recent transactions. You are also able to top up your account with your PIN, instead of having to use a computer.

If it happens that you own a smartwatch, it can be programmed in a way to provide you with the information about the nearest place where you can obtain Paysafecard. There are also many offers and promotions that can be seen in the app, so it is worth your while downloading it if you have one of the relevant devices.

Do many casinos allow you to use a Paysafecard for transactions?

The significant number of today Due to the simplicity of its use and the security that it provides it has become the very popular option. With every day there are more and more people using this method as their main method for through which they deposit and withdraw money from their accounts on online casinos.

When you chose the online casinos where you are going to play make sure that your decision is not based only on the matter whether they allow you to use your Paysafecard as a method for transactions. You also want to do your research into the selection of available games, their different bonuses and promotions, as well as their reputation with the online casino playing community as a whole. You do not want to be in a situation where you will have bad experience while playing or to face some problems when you want to deposit or withdraw your financial means when you need them.

When you want to deposit by using your Paysafecard account all that you need to is to enter your code of 16 digits and that would be it. You can also quickly see your recent transaction history for that particular online casino when it comes to the funds that originate from your Paysafecard. The most successful of all players are aware that the analysis of the past performances may be the best possible method for making sure that you will improve your game and in that way make a lot more profit for the long term.

Latest update on: 6. April, 2020

Bitcoin and other Coins: Safe, Secure but Limited Options

You will see that the options provided for depositing and withdrawing your funds will be different depending on the casinos. Some will be old school in what payment types they accept, such as the standard bank transfer, cheque, credit and debit cards. However, many modern casinos will provide you with the opportunity to use different options, such as the instruments for online transactions that are very safe such as Neteller and PayPal.

Bitcoin and other coins have only become popular in recent years, so there has not been a massive demand for there to be special bitcoin deposing and withdrawing options from online casinos. Having said that, there is still a need out there and certain casinos are catering to that.

What exactly are bitcoin and these other coins?

cryptocurrency.; cryptocurrency. It is effectively a software wallet that you have and store all of your coins and you can use it to pay for goods and services across the world. This a completely open source software and there is not specific person or a group that is the owner of the bitcoin and because of that there is no limitations or restrictions on the use of the bitcoins.

These coins can be exchanged for normal currency as well as the other way around. There is also a possibility for you to earn some bitcoins and that happens through a process that is called mining and it implies that your computed is being used in order to solve some complex and difficult calculations. Recently, this has become way too expensive for common people because it requires high level of computing power and many other resources that you will need if you want to it to pay off.

There are obviously a lot for advantages associated with using these types of coins. You can pay for goods and services across the world in an extremely secure manner and you can convert it to your preferred currency if needed.

There are usually minimal fees associated with using these coins when deposing and withdrawing from casinos, so it is a win-win for both sides. This is a good method for depositing small amounts of funds and in that way the customer is able to test the offers of online casinos without having to deposit a huge amounts of money.

It impossible to trace the transaction back to you and because of that you do not need to worry about people finding out your information through financial transaction which would be the case if you are to use the standard credit card of a standard bank transfer.

How to filter out the casinos that offer these coin payment services?

When trying to choose which type of casino is best for you, there are a few key points to keep in mind. You should make sure that the casino is reputable and that all of your personal information that is stored on the site is kept safe and sound.

Bitcoins and other payment transactions based on coins are safe but the information that you give to the casino can actually be compromises at some point. Make sure that the casino has all of the necessary licenses and security regulations in place before you deal with them.

After that, you need to be able to check whether their software is actually updated recently so that your gaming experience would be without any problems on no matter what platform you choose. The last thing you want to do is play slots on a site that has poor graphics and slow speeds.

Check out what bonuses and special offers casinos are offering new customers, as well as current customers. Look out for free spins and deposit bonuses.

When not to use coins with a casino

A lot of casinos do not accept the bitcoins or any other type of coins as method for depositing or withdrawing the funds and this will be the reason why many popular casinos will not be your choice. You october prefer to use a casino that does not offer this payment service.

it can be a bit complex and take some time.; it can be a bit complex and take some time. You will have to have the appropriate software, go to the exchanges to get the right amount of the coins and put them into your wallet. All of these actions take some time to finish. And in the end, there are no regulations that regulate these coins and if it happens that the casino with which you were playing with closes and takes all of your funds, you will not be able to track those payments and they will remain permanent.

Best bitcoin and other coin casinos

1.    bitStarz Casino

If you desire to gamble in anonymity, this casino is the right choice for you. You will be able to chose from a wide range of games and they also offer the biggest bitcoin bonus that can be found on the market these days. There is no pay out limit, but you can only deposit or withdraw using bitcoin.

2.    Vegas Casino

The folks at Vegas Casino have hundreds and hundreds of games to choose from. As one advantage of this casino is the fact that they offer certain bonuses on deposits and it seems that the are liked by their customers because of that. Their offer on your fist deposit of bitcoins is in the amount of 110 %.

3.    Coin Palace

Coin Palace actually provides you with the opportunity to deposit or withdraw several different types of coins. Their deposits and withdrawals are instant, unlike the vast majority of casinos on the market today. The only downside is that they have some issues with the load speed of their games.

Latest update on: 6. April, 2020

Making Deposits with PayPal: Fast & Secure

Options for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos are nearly limitless. Online casinos allow transactions using the traditional credit and debit card or direct bank transfers, as well as e-wallet transfers through the likes of PayPal. If there is a method you prefer, you will usually be able to select it and use it instead of the other options.

If you prefer keeping your personal information safe and private, these platform will encrypt data such as debit card numbers. There are always malicious individuals on the internet, so it is smart to want to remain protcted from such people. This is why information anonimity is crucial when transacting money online.

Why PayPal is often a preferred deposit option?

With PayPal, the only information you need to provide in a transaction is your email address that is associated with the PayPal account and your password. You will not be forced to send your debit card numbers into the hands of potentially dangerous individuals, who october intercept this data.

PayPal has been one of the most popula payment processors for years, passing all tests with great success.

PayPal is unfortunately not allowed as deposit method on US casinos, except those within the states where online gambling is made legal.

Otherwise, it can be used from 180 countries around the world and does not divulge any of your financial information. The main rivals currently are the likes of Neteller and Skrill, but they are really nowhere near the market leader.

How Does PayPal work?

PayPal is a digital wallet in which you can store a variety of different payment options, such as your bank account or credit card. PayPal is one of the most trustworthy payment methods, with the majority of popular e-commerce sites like Amazon accepting it as a regular payment method. The only criteria needed to set up an account are to have a bank account and an email address that is valid.

For the most part, PayPal will not charge you any fees when making deposits into casinos and the money will be deposited nearly instantly. They are also very good to deal with when it comes to complaints or returns.

The Best Casinos With Paypal

While a lot for casinos accept PayPal as a payment option, some of them do it better than others.

888 Casino

888 Casino is one of the longest standing and most reputable online casinos in the world. They have a great track record, so you know they keep their security up to scratch and their diverse platform has even won awards.

The Gibraltar regulated casino offers a wide range of video slots to choose from along with a number of other great casino games. They accept players from all across the globe and accept PayPal as a method of depositing or withdrawing from the following countries: Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden.

It is a very safe way to add funds to your account with 888 Casino and these payments are processed immediately. This means you can start playing the 888 Casino games almost instantly with your PayPal mone.

Sky Bet Casino

Also known as Sky Vegas, the Sky Bet casino is a part of the Sky Broadcasting Group based in the United Kingdom. They have many different slots games to choose from, as well as constantly having great bonuses and offers available to customers.

Anyone in the following countries are able to make deposits and withdrawals to Sky Vegas using PayPal: Ireland, UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and Denmark. If using PayPal, you must make a minimum deposit of £5 and the minimum amount you can withdraw is £10.

32 Red Casino

32 Red Casino is likely one of the finest and most reliable casinos in the industry. As a leader in the industry, they have been around for years now and have a great reputation for allowing their customers to use PayPal for depositing and withdrawing. 32 Red also offers a massive amoung of bonuses and promotions that will have your head spinning when you first join the casino, making them a fantastic casino to play at.

Latest update on: 6. April, 2020

How to deposit with your mobile: Safe Connection Trumps Everything

When online gambling first became prevalent, it started to revolutionise the industry. You could now place any bets you wanted from the comfort of your own home.

You have an unbelievable amount of choice in terms of odds and games available to you with the click of a button. While these platforms were clunky and buggy in the early days, online casino sites are now a thing of beauty, with slick graphics and seamless speed.

As we started using the internet on mobile devices more and more, it was natural for online casinos to move into the mobile arena as well. Many players do not appriciate having to sit in one place while playing the games and prefer to be able to move around. People want the flexibility to be able to play wherever and whenever they want.

This could be when in the waiting room for the dentist or on a long car journey. You october want to lie in bed and play or do some slots from your hotel room. Whatever the case october be, the importance of mobile to the online casino industry is massive.

This is why major casino operators put so much resources into developing the mobile gambling platforms. The goal was to reach mobile users and get them playing the casino games the best ways possible.

Why depositing from mobile can be difficult

Playing the casino games from mobile devices is usually a simple process but moving money around with your mobile can be a bit more difficult. People tend to prefer to use a desktop computer when they are making financial transactions over the internet, as they feel more in control of the process and it is a bit more seamless.

If you only play with your mobile however, this is clearly not an option. Aprilbe you do not even own a PC or laptop or maybe you just want to deposit while roaming the streets. In either case, as a mobile user you will want to uderstand the process of depositing money from a mobile device.

Steps involved in making deposits via your mobile device

As mentioned, if you have no other option, you will have to make deposits via your mobile device. Most of the main payment options will be available to you, such as bank transfer, credit card, debit card and PayPal. While it is a case by case basis depending on the specific casino you are dealing with, most of them will cater for all of these options.

You will want to protect your information at all costs before making deposits via mobile. You would not want a malicious individual to get a hold of your sensitive financial information.

Make sure to comprehensively research the casino, seeing how other people found their experiences with them, in particular how they found the depositing and withdrawing process on mobile devices.

Certain casinos even allow you to deposit to your account by adding to your phone bill, rather than making a deposit from your bank account etc. This october be handy for those on bill pay phones and have the funds available on a monthly basis to pay off these charges.

When you ade depositin via mobile, you should always consider what network you are using. If a hacker is using the same network, they could easily access your data if the Wi-Fi network is not well enough protected and more and more people are becoming aware of this.

They can effectively hack into your phone to see what information you have typed in, such as your bank account details or your credit card number. To prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that you are using a 4G connection or Wi-Fi that is well secured. You should generally avoid making these deposits while in locations that are busy and where many people us the network or know the password, such as hotels and coffee shops.

Make sure to also not remember the details on your phone, as your phone may get lost or stolen, and the information may get into the wrong hands. To make sure your info is safe, always re-enter the data into your device when you are making a deposit and do so from a safe and secure network.

Latest update on: 6. April, 2020