How to cashout to your credit card?

Getting money out is easy with your credit card. Simply go to the withdrawal/cashier page on your given casino. Select the option with which you want to withdraw from your account with.

You will then need to enter the personal/billing info that is associated with your credited card and submit for the withdrawal.

According to what site you are using, it could take a few hours or a few days for this payment to fully process.

Why do some casinos not allow it?

Some casinos do not like the fees and interest rates associated with this method, so they do not allow for credit card cash outs.

It is also not as secure as other forms of withdrawal, which means that there is more of a chance of foul play being involved if it is a credit card in question.

When does it make sense to switch to e-wallets?

There are a few different reasons why a lot of people prefer to use e-wallets. They are normally faster when it comes to processing times, whether it is for deposits or withdrawals. Some casinos process them instantly, whereas others will take a few hours for the funds to hit your e-wallet when you make a withdrawal.
They are also very safe and secure, as you have your own distinct password for the e-wallet, rather than having all of the information needed to make a withdrawal on a credit card or debit card.

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Latest update on: 22. January, 2023

1 thought on “How to cashout to your credit card?”

  1. Using the credit card as a source of money transfers might be easy but it’s also unsafe to do so. I loved the blog here. I’m rather new to online casinos so these kinds of topics always seem appealing.

    In my experience what the casinos don’t like is sending money to your credit card. I don’t think it’s appropriate to name it but they quickly accepted deposit payment and at withdrawal, they asked me to switch my payment method for no solid reason.

    As suggested above credit card should be ignored as long as you can. Skrill usually works best wit these online casinos nowadays.

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