Making Deposits with PayPal: Fast & Secure

Options for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos are nearly limitless. Online casinos allow transactions using the traditional credit and debit card or direct bank transfers, as well as e-wallet transfers through the likes of PayPal. This gives you a lot more flexibility and choice when it comes to these transactions if you have a particular preference for one of these methods.

These platforms have helped to encrypt financial information that you otherwise would have preferred to remain private and confidential. There are always malicious individuals on the internet, so it is smart to want to remain protcted from such people. This is why information anonimity is crucial when transacting money online.

Why people often choose PayPal?

When you are using PayPal, the only info you will need to give the casinos is your email address. You will not be forced to send your debit card numbers into the hands of potentially dangerous individuals, who october intercept this data.

PayPal has been one of the most popula payment processors for years, passing all tests with great success.

PayPal is unfortunately not allowed as deposit method on US casinos, except those within the states where online gambling is made legal.

Otherwise, it can be used from 180 countries around the world and does not divulge any of your financial information. The main rivals currently are the likes of Neteller and Skrill, but they are really nowhere near the market leader.

How Does PayPal work?

PayPal is an e-wallet, which you can deposit money into fro a variety of debit cards or bank accounts and use that money to make further transactions. The majority of e-commerce sites accept PayPal as a form of payment due to its universality and trustworthiness. The only criteria needed to set up an account are to have a bank account and an email address that is valid.

In most cases, there is no fee associated with using PayPal to deposit to your online casino account and the time taken for the money to reach your account will be quicker than a lot of the alternative options. PayPal also has a very good way of dealing with potential complaints and frauds.

The Best Casinos With Paypal

Not all casinos who offer PayPal as good as the others. Here are a few top ones.

888 Casino

These folks have been around for many years and were one of the first reputable online casinos to exist. They have a great track record, so you know they keep their security up to scratch and their diverse platform has even won awards.

They have a dizzying array of slots games to choose from and they have a license and are regulated by the Gibraltar government. 888 Casino accepts players from the majority of the world’s countries and they take deposits via PayPal from UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden and Denmark

Paypal is probably the safest and fastest way to deposit money into your 888 account. This means that there is minimal downtime after you register, as you can load your account with funds and get started playing straight away.

Sky Bet Casino

Also known as Sky Vegas, the Sky Bet casino is a part of the Sky Broadcasting Group based in the United Kingdom. They are among the most generous casinos when it comes to bonuses and promos, and they offer a great amount of choice when it comes to online slots.

Anyone in the following countries are able to make deposits and withdrawals to Sky Vegas using PayPal: Ireland, UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and Denmark. If using PayPal, you must make a minimum deposit of £5 and the minimum amount you can withdraw is £10.

32 Red Casino

32 Red Casino is likely one of the finest and most reliable casinos in the industry. As a leader in the industry, they have been around for years now and have a great reputation for allowing their customers to use PayPal for depositing and withdrawing. 32 Red also offers a massive amoung of bonuses and promotions that will have your head spinning when you first join the casino, making them a fantastic casino to play at.

Latest update on: 12. December, 2020

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  1. I only have one advantage with PayPal which’s time-saving. When you request withdrawal in casinos for the second time they ask you to enter your bank information again which is then verify and a lot of time is consumed. I don’t experience this when using PayPal because only need to enter little information. In some casinos they don’t demand your info again but for safety purpose PayPal is best for online casinos.

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