Best Slot Games Developers: Consistency, Innovation & Legacy

When it comes to your online casino playing experience, there are so many different games for you to choose from that it can be hard to filter down which ones are your favourite. However, over time you will start to notice consistent themes as to what your preferences are.

There are a number of popular game developers that have their own unique feel and look. Depending on your personal preferences, you may prefer one over the others. This means that when you are on the lookout for a new online casino to start an account with, you can see if they can cater for your tastes and have games that were made by your preferred developer.

Each of the main developers will have their own distinct pros and cons, so make sure you are aware of them before you commit to a casino that has predominantly games made by certain developers.

Netent Games

Netent are a large organisation that is located in many different countries across the globe. They currently have 600 full-time staff who strives to make their games the best in the business.

They have been around since 1996 and were initially started by a group of the biggest operators in the word of offline casinos in the Scandinavian region. This is why they develop some of the best games around; they have a true passion and a few decades of experience when it comes to casinos, both offline and online.

They are one of the most successful slots games developers today and they are always innovating and bringing out cool features and new games. Their games generally are revolved around themes from popular culture, whimsical space settings and literary references.

Last year they won an award of being the Slots Provider of the Year. This shows how highly they are rated in the world of online casinos. Currently their product range tends to over 200 games and they have a reputation for having fun games and create a unique atmosphere and playing experience for each player. They have all been tested by the relevant authorities for fair play and performance, so you can rest assured on that count.


Microgaming has one of the leading types of software out there today and they have won many awards over the years. They can boast a repertoire of more than 600 games and they reach more than 160 markets in a total of 24 different languages.

They have been around since 1994, so they are experienced and since the very beginnings of online casinos they have been the kings of software. They are also well known for having the largest jackpot network when it comes to progressive games.

They are currently seen by any as being the best games developer, as they are constantly brining out new games and bringing online casino software to the next level. They even go back to old games with new development teams to make sure that weaknesses are eliminated and improvements are made to enhance the player experience. While other developers have tried to match Microgaming when it comes to the superiority of their software, they have all failed to reach their lofty standards.

They are known to have top quality games, thanks to the unbelievable visual experience, as well as cool sound effects. There are also all kinds of great side features to their games, like free spins, massive multiplies and so on.


Playtech are a slots game developer that exclusively develops new games for their own casinos, meaning that you cannot play their games anywhere else. When it comes to their management system, they are the best in the business.

They have made some exciting strides in terms of innovation, having introduced a number of different slots games variant into the market. This has been refreshing for a lot of long term players. For example, they brought in the opportunity for people to win not just horizontally in a five slot game, but also vertically and diagonally. This gives the player more than one chance to win during any given spin.


NextGen Gaming has been around the block for a few years now. They started their operation in 1999 and they work closely with partners to try and release the most cutting edge slots games that can be found online today.

They have worked closely with partners to incorporate data research into the playing experience. They have collected data on the behaviour of players and to see their tendencies. They can then incorporate these findings into the development of new games, which will lead to an enhanced experience of the player. It also provides great value to their partners, making it a win-win.

They have a number of high profile licenses which have helped them carve out their place at the upper echelon of slots developers.

Perhaps the main positive for NextGen is their consistency. You can always rely on them having well-functioning games and they will tailor their slots depending on the demographic of the player.

Latest update on: 3. December, 2023